"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit"

— Justice Latey<, ruling in the High Court of London

I think Scientology is breaking the law and hurting people, and I want them to stop.

Latest News

Tony Ortega Reports on Scientology<

Tony Ortega has been providing exceptional coverage of Scientology, including a long series of coverage at the Village Voice. His current site provides a regular roundup of Scientology news<, including lawsuits (especially the long list of Narconon lawsuits), former Scientology executives like Marty Rathbun and Debbie Cook, families torn apart by Scientology's disconnection policy, Scientology harassment of critics, journalists, and former members, and of course info on Tom Cruise and other Scientology celebrities. Tony Ortega's archived Village Voice articles< are also well worth a read.

Read the Book: Inside Scientology<

In 2006, Janet Reitman's "Inside Scientology" appeared in Rolling Stone. It was one of the best, most balanced, most moving investigations of Scientology I'd ever read.

Now, Reitman's book, Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion, incorporates extraordinary new information, including extensive interviews with long-time members, to give an extraordinary view inside Scientology. You can learn about the book at Janet Reitman's website< and pick up a copy at Amazon<, Powell's<, or Indie Bound<.

The Human Face of Scientology

Jett Travolta, the son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died suddenly on January 2, 2009. He suffered a seizure while on vacation with his parents in the Bahamas.

Our sincere condolences to his grieving family and friends.

Paulette Cooper Scientology harassed and threatened Paulette Cooper and framed her for crimes she didn't commit in retaliation for her investigative journalism.

Scientology's Fair Game Attack on Paulette Cooper<

Also: Former Scientologist Susan Lentsch Still Waiting for a Visit from her Sea Org Daughter<

Recent Additions

Jason Beghe and Scientology

When did Jason Beghe join Scientology? What level has Jason Beghe reached in Scientology? Has Jason Beghe received any special recognition in Scientology? Does Jason Beghe promote Scientology? Is Jason Beghe involved with any Scientology front groups?

Danny Masterson

When did Danny Masterson join Scientology? What level has Danny Masterson reached in Scientology? Has Danny Masterson received any special recognition in Scientology? Does Danny Masterson promote Scientology? Is Danny Masterson involved with any Scientology front groups?

Ethan Suplee and Scientology

When did Ethan Suplee join Scientology? What level has Ethan Suplee reached in Scientology? Has Ethan Suplee received any special recognition in Scientology? Does Ethan Suplee promote Scientology? Is Ethan Suplee involved with any Scientology front groups?

Tax Court Denies Scientology-Like Deduction for Jewish Courses

December 21, 2005: The US Tax Court rules against Michael and Maria Sklar, who were seeking the right to deduct the cost of their children's religious education, a right that the IRS grants only to Scientologists.

Sister Sites

The Scientology Lies Site

What's at this site?

Scientology's Lies<
Scientology is based on lies. Scientology lies to Scientologists, and Scientology lies to the rest of the world. World's fastest growing religion? 8,000,000 members? Compatible with Christianity? ALL LIES. Check out a few of Scientology's biggest whoppers.
Scientology's Crimes<
Scientology itself, the corporation, was convicted in Canada of breach of the public trust for an organized conspiracy to break into government offices. A police investigation in Clearwater, FL - Scientology's headquarters - recommended RICO charges. High-ranking Scientologists have been convicted of a variety of crimes, including manslaughter and stealing documents from government offices. The head of Scientology currently faces charges of fraud and other crimes in Spain. Scientology is breaking the law, every day of the year.
Get Involved! What You Can Do<
If you'd like to help reform Scientology and stop their abuses, you can picket, distribute fliers, talk to your friends, speak to your church, create a web site, and more!
What's Wrong with Scientology?<
If you haven't read much about Scientology yet, you may not know why so many people are speaking out against it. Scientology locks people up, tries to suppress free speech, terrorizes its critics, and defrauds the public.
The Human Face of Scientology<
Scientology hurts people. Many of those people are Scientologists, but Scientology hurts non-Scientologists as well.
If You're A Scientologist<
... you may wonder why I'm criticizing something that's important to you. I don't want to destroy Scientology, I just want Scientology to stop hurting people and breaking the law. If you're willing to confront the truth, please read some of these links, and some of the information under The Human Face of Scientology<.
Recommended Critical Sites<
There's so much information about Scientology on the Internet that some people feel overwhelmed. Here are a few good starting points, and links to some of my favorite sites.
Recent Pickets of Scientology<
On average, there's a picket of Scientology somewhere in the world every day.
About Me, Kristi Wachter<