Scientology's Fair Game Attack on Paulette Cooper

Paulette Cooper

In 1968, journalist Paulette Cooper wrote an article about Scientology for Queen magazine in the U.K. In 1971, she published a book, The Scandal of Scientology<.

In retaliation, Scientology executives carried out a program of orchestrated intimidation. Scientologists framed Cooper for sending bomb threats, libelled her to her neighbors, infiltrated her life by fraudulently befriending her, and filed 19 lawsuits against her. After prosecutors on the bomb threat case demanded that she see a psychologist for a year, Scientologists broke into her therapist's office and stole her confidential records. Scientologists discussed murdering her.

When the FBI raided Scientology offices in 1977, they seized documents detailing Scientology's step-by-step programs for harassing, intimidating, and threatening Cooper, including Operation Freakout<, a conspiracy to have Cooper imprisoned or committed to a mental institution.

In 1981, Cooper sued Scientology over their years of harassment; Scientology settled with Cooper in 1985.

Scientology has never publicly apologized for its vicious attacks against Paulette Cooper. The organization has continued to subject journalists to its Fair Game policy.

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