Scientology and Christianity

Do Scientologists believe in the Judeo-Christian God or Jesus Christ?

Some do, some don't. Belief in that God is not part of Scientology. According to What Is Scientology?<, "Scientologists hold the Bible as a holy work and have no argument with the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was the Savior of Mankind and the Son of God. We share Christ's goals for man's achievement of wisdom, good health and immortality. Christianity is among the faiths studied by Scientology ministerial students. There are probably many types of redemption. That of Christ was to heaven."

Can you be a Christian and also be a member of Scientology?

Scientology's official answer to this question is "yes". According to What Is Scientology?<, "Scientology is all-denominational in that it opens its membership to people of all faiths. Part of the Church's Creed states that "all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance." Membership in Scientology does not mean that there is any necessity to leave your current church, synagogue, temple or mosque." Spokesman John Travolta told Oprah Winfrey that "You can be a Catholic Scientologist ...and a Protestant Scientologist and a Baptist Scientologist<."

However, in practice, Scientology often does interfere with participation in other religions or practices. Some policies forbid "mixed practices" while taking Scientology services. Michael Pattinson testified that, after he'd reached a very high level in Scientology, he was subjected to hours of "false data removal"< to convince him that Scientology was the only religion and coerce him to abandon his belief in Christianity.

In Scientology's official statement to the Internal Revenue Service requesting tax-exempt status, they said, " ... as a practical matter Scientologists are expected to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion of other faiths<."

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