Katie Holmes and Scientology

Katie Holmes is one of Scientology's newest celebrity recruits. Scientology actively recruits celebrities to promote Scientology to the public at large.

Katie Holmes - Involvement in Scientology<

When did Katie Holmes get involved in Scientology?

Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise< began wooing Katie Holmes in May 2005, and within a few weeks, they announced that they were engaged to be married. She began distributing booklets about Scientology and told reporters that she had begun studying it and felt that she was improving herself.

While Scientologists are not prohibited from dating or marrying non-Scientologists, Scientology jargon and practices (such as being required to write Knowledge Reports about others if you witness them doing something discouraged by Scientology) put severe strain on mixed Scientology marriages.

Who is Jessica Rodriguez?

Since Holmes began studying Scientology, Jessica Rodriguez has spent nearly every moment with her. According to reports from former members, Rodriguez was born Jessica Feshbach, daughter of Joe and Cindy Feshbach and a member of the Feshbach family, among the wealthiest and most influential families in Scientology. (Cindy runs the Palo Alto Scientology org and the South of Market Scientology mission in San Francisco.) Jessica reached Scientology level OT IV (Operating Thetan level 4) in 2003 and may have reached higher levels by this point. She is a highly-trained Scientology auditor, and is specially trained to run Scientology security checks and deliver the False Purpose Rundown. She is a member of Scientology's Sea Org (Sea Organization), an elite and extremely dedicated group who pledge to serve Scientology for a billion years, lifetime after lifetime.

Has Katie Holmes signed a "Lisa clause" release?

Scientology requires all participants to sign a release form in which they promise never to sue Scientology and specifically permits Scientology staff to hold them in isolation, with no contact with family or friends, for as long as the staffer determines is necessary. The release is sometimes called "the Lisa clause<" because Scientology began requiring it in the aftermath of Lisa McPherson's death in Scientology's custody<.

As of June 2005, I have not seen any reports about whether Holmes has signed a release, but the release is typically required of all participants in Scientology services, so it's likely that she has.

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