Scientology and Drugs

Scientology and Medical Drugs

What does Scientology say about medical drugs?

In public statements, especially to newcomers, Scientology claims that medical drugs are fine and says there's no problem with Scientologists taking drugs prescribed by a physician.

However, in materials presented by Scientology front group Narconon, they claim that all drugs are poisonous and remain in the body permanently - claims that are thoroughly discredited by modern science.

Psychiatric drugs are seen differently: Scientology forbids the use of all psychiatric drugs, and works to prevent non-Scientologists from using them as well. Scientologists are vehemently opposed to all forms of psychiatry< - not just for themselves, but for everyone.

Although Scientology publicly states that they don't interfere with individual Scientologists taking prescribed medication, several former members have reported being told to stop taking prescription drugs and suffering negative consequences if they went ahead and kept taking them. Since these drugs were prescribed for serious medical conditions, including epilepsy< and Grave's disease<, these individuals were at serious risk if they stopped taking the medication.

Finally, Scientology claims that taking aspirin interferes with forming mental images, so participants are forbidden from getting auditing for 24 hours after taking aspirin.

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