Protesting Scientology

Protesting $cientology

Many people have chosen to take direct action to speak out against $cientology's unethical behavior - the lies, the harassment, the numerous, tragic ways $cientology hurts people.

If you'd like to protest $cientology, there are lots of things you can do:



write letters

put links on the web

inform yourself

be creative

My Activism

In addition to assembling this web page, I have protested $cientology's unethical behavior by talking to my friends and family and, more visibly, by picketing Scientology's offices.

I've written a short essay and a flier about why I picket. I've also posted reports from my pickets:







August 29, 1998

San Francisco

Stacy Young, Bob Minton, Keith Henson, Grady Ward, phr, Taniwha, ExMudder, Kristi

243 fliers
3 hours

Scienos in heavy videotape mode (or were they?), DA packs, counter pickets, loads of photos

August 28, 1998

San Francisco

phr, Meklar, Kristi

137 fliers
1.5 hours

August 26, 1998

Los Angeles (Hollywood Blvd and Celebrity Centre)

Zinjifar, Kristi

52 fliers
.75 hours

Scienos followed us in traffic, counter pickets, I'm outed, photos

August 1, 1998

San Francisco

July 22, 1998

Mesa (Phoenix) Arizona

July 18, 1998

San Francisco

July 3, 1998

San Francisco

June 29, 1998

5 locations - San Jose (Winchester), Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, and San Francisco


55 fliers
4 hours?

June 25, 1998

Mountain View

June 17, 1998

San Francisco

June 7, 1998

Los Angeles

Kristi, Zinjifar

June 2, 1998

San Francisco

Taniwha, Kristi

97 fliers
1 hour

In memory of Wayne Whitney. Kristi gets followed home and ranted at. Photos !

May 30, 1998

San Francisco

May 27, 1998

San Francisco

May 19, 1998

San Francisco

May 13, 1998

San Jose and Mountain View

May 12, 1998

San Francisco

May 6, 1998

San Francisco

May 1, 1998

San Francisco

April 29, 1998

San Jose

April 22, 1998

San Francisco

April 15, 1998

San Francisco





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