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My Scientology Writings

In the course of my activism, I've occasionally been inspired to write a few essays, open letters, and letters to the editor.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Scientology - A Comparison
One of my revenge-picketers, Craig, brought up the issue of race several times while picketing my home. Poking around on the web one day, I came across some of Dr. King's writings, and I was inspired to write this open letter to Craig, comparing some of Dr. Kings ideas with some of the tenets of Scientology.
What Did Scientology Do to You?
Every so often, a Scientologist finds this web site and writes to me. This is my reply to one of them, explaining that Scientology hasn't really done much of anything to me - my activism is born out of concern for others.
Do you hate Scientology? or Scientologists? or Scientology executives?
This is a post I made to alt.religion.scientology after one of the regulars repeatedly implied that I hated Scientologists and Scientology. In fact, I don't hate anyone.
Letter to the Editor on Investigative Reports
A letter I wrote to the editor of the San Jose Mercury News in response to a letter written by a Scientologist about A&E's Investigative Reports. The letter was published in the Merc on January 31, 1999.
Is Scientology/FRL a Street Gang?
According to California law, Scientology may fit the definition of a street gang!
Scientology is like Smoking Cigarettes
... it provides no verifiable benefits to non-participants.
A Flier I Distributed to My Neighbors
... in response to Scientology representatives picketing my home.
A Few Questions for Scientologists

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