Scientology and Bible Study

Do Scientologists study the Bible?

Some do, some don't. Studying the Christian Bible is not part of Scientology (although there is some Bible study in the two-week Minister's Course, aimed at familiarizing Scientologists with all major religions of the world). According to What Is Scientology?<, "Scientologists hold the Bible as a holy work and have no argument with the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was the Savior of Mankind and the Son of God. We share Christ's goals for man's achievement of wisdom, good health and immortality. Christianity is among the faiths studied by Scientology ministerial students. There are probably many types of redemption. That of Christ was to heaven."

Scientology Scriptures

If Scientologists don't study the Bible, what do they study?

Scientologists study the works of founder L. Ron Hubbard. Those works have been packaged into dozens of courses. They cover Scientology-specific practices, such as auditing and filing Knowledge Reports, as well as more mundane topics, such as how to run a profitable business.

Scientologists choose to read different Scientology works based on their own interests and what they'd like to accomplish. Some of the most widely-read Scientology books include:

(While many Scientologists enjoy reading L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction novels, those books are not considered part of Scientology scripture.)

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