Scientology Lies Site Creator, Kristi Wachter

Thank you for visiting this site.

In addition to compiling this site, I picketed Scientology for a few years, beginning in April 1998.

In retaliation, Scientology revenge-picketed me at my home< (starting in August 1998) and libelled me to my neighbors<.

I was in Scientology VERY briefly in the mid-80s. I never considered myself a Scientologist<, although I got a six-month membership when I started looking into Scientology (so I'm probably still counted as one of the alleged 8 million members). I had one auditing course, which was so-so, and bought a few books. I bought Dianetics and read it cover to cover.

I decided not to get further involved in Scientology after reading one of the "ethics formulas," which requires a Scientologist to "Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger." (This is part of the formula for the condition of Liability, and can be found in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics.) I decided delivering an effective blow to anyone was against my personal ethics, and I rejected Scientology on that ground.

After my brief involvement, I heard second- and third-hand horror stories about Scientology. They always seemed too awful to be real - I mean, come on: little kids locked up in chain lockers< and stuff? Nobody would actually DO that.

But about a year before I began picketing, I began reading some of the postings on the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup. There were LOTS of horror stories, many of them from sworn affidavits and court documents. Some critics posted excerpts of actual Scientology policies to show that these horrific acts were mandated by Scientology policy, not just flukes or the actions of rogue Scientologists.

After I read these policy excerpts, I printed some of them out and took them to my local library, which has complete sets of Scientology's technical and policy volumes. I compared the printouts to what was written in the Scientology publications, and they were identical (although one or two of them had a couple of obvious typos).

Ultimately, it was not the second-hand horror stories or anonymous postings that convinced me that Scientology was breaking the law by locking people up: it was reading the Introspection Rundown<, in an official Scientology-published red technical volume.

Scientology policy states that Scientology's enemies can be destroyed< and that psychotic Scientologists are to be held against their will by their Scientologist case supervisor<. I have spoken with people who have been held against their will by Scientology, with people who have lost family members to Scientology (some through disconnection, some through suspicious death), with formerly loyal Scientologists who were brutally abused by the organization to which they'd given their loyalty and years of their lives.

Because of the official Scientology policies I've read, the first-person experiences I've heard, and the extensive evidence I've read from all over the world,

I believe Scientology is hurting people and breaking the law, and I want them to stop.

You can find my personal blog at Kristi-Wachter<.com.