Scientology's Revenge Picket, 4/29/99

Scientology revenge-pickets me at my home, April 29, 1999

Four Scientologists picketed my home on April 29, 1999.

My previous picketer, Craig, was again "non-confront" - he hid behind his picket sign when I tried to photograph him, although he took several pictures of me.

My new picketers, Joanna, Nick, and Bob, can be seen below.

They were handing out a slightly revised flier, but essentially the same as the usual lying, libellous flier claiming I'm a religious bigot.

Nick, Bob, Craig (hiding), and Joanna.

Bob, Nick, and Joanna.

Nick, with Bob in the background.

Joanna waving in front of Craig, who's still hiding.

Nick, Bob, and a bit of Craig.

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