Recommended Critical Sites

Good starting points for learning more about Scientology.

There's a wealth of critical information about Scientology at other Internet sites.

< Good starting places:

A Critical Introduction to Scientology<
An introduction to critical perspectives on Scientology for those who are new to the controversies surrounding Scientology.
Operation Clambake<
THE site for critical information about Scientology. Everything you could ever want to know, and then some.
Lisa McPherson Memorial Page<
Lisa McPherson died in Scientology's custody in 1995. This page tells you how and why.
Tory - Out of Scientology after 30 Years<
Tory Bezazian posts and speaks about her years inside Scientology, and her personal re-awakening. An older compilation< is also available.
Pickets Against Scientology<
Links to picket reports from all over the world.

Scientology's own web site<
Take a look at the official Scientology site. Notice that there are no links to critical information. Scientology doesn't want you to have both sides of the story.

< More good sites:

First-person accounts
Stories from people who have been in Scientology. There are at least three archives: Karen Spaink's<, Tilman Hausherr's<, and Marina Chong's<.
Scientology FAQs<
Answers to all those frequently-asked questions. This excellent site has a general introductory FAQ, plus FAQs on Scientology terminology, Who's Who on a.r.s., Who's Who in Scientology, and an alphabetical list of critical web sites.
Books on Scientology<
This extensive bibliography lists books and articles on Scientology and related topics. Although Scientology has tried to suppress all books that portray it in a bad light, several of them are now available on the web; this page includes links to those sites.


< A few pages of my own

I originally started picketing using an alias, "Jour," because I was aware of Scientology's habit of harassing its critics. Scientology ultimately outed me, so now I go by my given name, Kristi Wachter.

These are a few pages I've put together.

Scientology and Human Rights

Miscellaneous articles

My parody of the Scientology cookie-cutter spam web pages<

< To find out still more: