Thinking For Myself

... some details about my changes to the " cookie cutter spam " web pages

My design philosophy

Even though I have a fairly fast modem, I hate graphics with no content. I want the text, and I want it fast. As a result, I tend not to use many graphics, and I try to remember to include ALT text whenever I do have graphics.

Although I did make a number of changes to these templates, I didn't spend a LOT of time on them. They aren't especially pretty. I mostly just wanted to get them up on the net for people to see.

Some of my changes:

Scientology Cookie-Cutter Pages

My New-and-Improved Pages

meaningless Next and Previous links

no meaningless Next and Previous links

annoying status messages on mouseover

no status messages on mouseover

ridiculously long Title tags

shorter, more sensible Title tags

inconsistent navigation

consistent navigation bar, with the redundant imagemap removed


hardly any graphics at all; title graphics replaced with Header 1 text titles, and drop cap graphics replaced with text

redundant content links on the main page

no redundant links on the main page

almost no links to additional information within sentences

lots of links to additional info within sentences

no visitor counter

added visitor counter

all pages use .htm suffix

changed to .html suffix, because I'm a Mac and UNIX person and don't like the cult of Micro$oft any better than I like the cult of Scientology

Think you could do better?

Of course you could. I put hardly any time into this at all. (And most of the time I did spend consisted of writing up my personal experiences and tracking down references for all my informational links.)

So go ahead - put together your own collection of pages, either pro or con! Show the world you can think for yourself!

(But don't do it just because I told you to ...)

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This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.