About Myself (or "Me, Al Franken")


H ello. I'm an anonymous critic of Scientology.

From what I have heard and read, Scientology has been badly misbehaving for many years:

    I choose to remain anonymous online because Scientology has a long history (in keeping with official Scientology policy ) of harassing and intimidating its critics. I'm not especially afraid of Scientology (even though they've done some pretty vicious things ), but I don't see any point in making it especially easy for them to hassle me. When I post to alt.religion.scientology , I go by the name "Jour."


    Of course, picketing Scientology is a small part of my very full life. I run two successful businesses, but I still find time to enjoy life. I love music, movies, and reading. I enjoy long deep conversations, hiking, and learning new things (I'm currently learning to play the flute). I'm an idealist, and I think that's a good thing to be.

         If you have questions about Scientology and Dianetics, I'll be happy to try to answer them, but I'd suggest the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology and the webring below as the best source of information.

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This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.