About my parody pages

What are the " cookie cutter spam pages "?

In early 1998, Scientology started a campaign to get Scientologist s to put up web pages sharing their enthusiasm about Scientology. Scientology hoped to get 110,000 of these sites up by the end of May, 1998.

This is apparently an effort to clog Internet search engines. Scientology is really unhappy about the many, many web sites that criticize them and point out their illegal activities. They hope that, by getting lots and lots of pro-Scientology pages on the Internet, people will have a harder time finding critical sites.

Scientology put together a CD-ROM and an online form that Scientologist s could use to create their sites. Unfortunately, the result of this has been that these pro-Scientology sites are mind-numbingly similar. They are cookie-cutter sites: practically identical, with very little individual content.

This approach has made Scientology's campaign a failure:

  • it makes Scientologist s look like the least creative people in the world
  • it belies Scientology's "Think for yourself!" slogan
  • it underlines how tiny Scientology's membership really is: even with these tools, there are only a few hundred pro-Scientology sites on the web
  • it fails to accomplish their goal of tricking the search engines - since the sites are nearly identical, many search engines filter out the duplicate pages

My parody pages

I have recreated the cookie-cutter pages, but since I'm NOT a Scientologist and I actually CAN think for myself, I've made a bunch of changes . Among them:

  • I changed the interface. Mine is less graphics-intensive, and the navigation bar is consistent among pages.
  • I also changed the content considerably. Many of my changes are highlighted in purple.

This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.