My Favorite L. Ron Hubbard Quotes

So, apparently the Scientologist s who put together cookie-cutter pages were allowed to pick ONE - count 'em ONE - favorite quote from a limited number of preselected options . It's a shame, really, because Hubbard wrote such a huge quantity of stuff that there's a virtual treasure trove of quotes to pick from.

Fortunately, since I'm not a Scientologist , I can include as many as I want, and I'm not limited to quotes that are officially sanctioned by the Scientology corporation.

My favorite L. Ron Hubbard quote? Oh, there are so many ... where to begin?

Well, here's the one that I think best sums up his philosophy:

       Make money. Make more money. Make other people make money.

 - L. Ron Hubbard

But there are so many others:

      There was no Christ.

 - L. Ron Hubbard

He ordered children to be locked up on Scientology's ship:

      If a child or these children are found in Hold 1 _or_ any hidden compartment of the ship they are to be locked up.

 - L. Ron Hubbard

Although Scientology is supposed to enable you to discuss anything with anyone, it apparently doesn't allow you to have a reasonable, intelligent discussion about Scientology itself with a Scientology critic. Instead, Scientologists are told to investigate the critic's "crimes" and threaten to expose them:

      Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown.

 - L. Ron Hubbard


Kind of scary, huh? (Not to mention distasteful.) But wait, there's more:

      We are slowly and carefully teaching the unholy a lesson. It is as follows: We are not a law enforcement agency. BUT we will become interested in the crimes of people who seek to stop us. If you oppose scientology we promptly look up - and find and expose - your crimes. If you leave us alone we will leave you alone.

      It's very simple. Even a fool can grasp that.

      And don't underrate our ability to carry it out.


 - L. Ron Hubbard


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This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.