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Check out the links below for landmarks in Cyberspace.
Or don't check them out, if you'd rather not. For all I know, you don't have time to visit these sites.

If I were a Scientologist , this is where you'd see Scientology's ready-made list of links to - guess what? - Scientology sites. Since I'm (fortunately) NOT a Scientologist , I'm listing links I happen to think are cool. Your mileage may vary.


The Internet Movie Database

Everything you ever wanted to know about every movie ever made. (Practically.) An amazing resource. It started out as a non-commercial, all-volunteer effort (I'm not sure if it still is). 

Project Gutenberg

Disgusted by a corporation that claims to be a church attempting to use copyright law to silence its critics? Project Gutenberg provides an antidote. It's a vast collection of copyright-free texts, free for the downloading. Read something really WELL-written, instead of that L. Ron Hubbard drivel. Help yourself to some F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nikolai Gogol, Edgar Allen Poe, or Bertrand Russell. 

The National Science Foundation

There is no science in Scientology, but fortunately there's lots of science on the web, including a list of fun scientific experiments you can do right in your very own home.

Rhino Records

How could you not love the people who put out the "Have a Nice Day: Super Hits of the 70's" anthology CDs?

Comics and more Comics

Joking and degrading may be seriously frowned upon in Scientology (no, really!), but don't let that stop you. Take time out for a laughfest with your favorite comic (comedian or cartoon, either one). According to scientific studies, it'll do more for your health than auditing will.


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