space opera

Space opera is Scientology's term for the ancient history of space alien civilizations; Scientology teaches that this history affects us today, since our immortal souls were around then and subjected to the events of the upheaval.

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December 26, 2006 We're Not Loonies Many sociological studies have been done on the Scientologists that show that although this sect is not on the lunatic fringe, it still causes family breakups and emotional hardship to its victims. The German Government today is acting responsibly by trying to heighten awareness of a public menace. Press, space opera
October 22, 2006 A New Word in Literacy - Scientology Scientology started classes at its Washington Street literacy center with a grand opening that offered free food and sidewalk chalk for children. The church members who staff the literacy center, in a storefront marked with bright-yellow "Boston Scientology Ministry" signs, say they wanted to do something about the increase in violence in Boston, which they attribute in part to poor education. Salon owner Helen Roy said people on the block have noticed the Scientology center but many won't walk inside. Press, space opera
October 22, 2005 Who is Xenu? December's issue of Esquire will carry an article written by online volunteers. The article, on the history of wikipedia, was revised by the site's volunteer "editors", who were given free rein to demonstrate the formidable scope of their knowledge. "Who is the mysterious galactic ruler Xenu at the heart of Scientology? You won't find the answers in the Encyclopaedia Britannica." Press, space opera
January 7, 1999 The Sci-Fi Side of Scientology If John Travolta is unable to get the big-screen version of L. Ron Hubbard's epic Battlefield Earth made, he may want to pitch the studios a movie based on the tenets of Scientology, which was founded by the science-fiction writer in the 1950s. The church's beliefs are at least as radical as those of other religions, and as the recent DreamWorks release The Prince of Egypt demonstrates, theological sources are catnip for Hollywood producers John Travolta, Press, space opera
November 6, 1985 Xemu and the Thetans Documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times show that members of the Church of Scientology believe that mankind's ills were caused by an evil ruler named Xemu who lived 75 million years ago. Scientologists have been trying to prevent the release of the documents, which they consider secret and sacred, and about 1500 church members crammed three floors of the Los Angeles County Courthouse, effectively blocking public access to documents. Los Angeles, Press, Scientology and Society, space opera, Xenu