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Scientology teachings vary, depending on the audience. They include the reactive mind, the evil of psychiatry, and past lives on other planets. Learn more about Scientology's teachings and beliefs about the mind, past lives, space opera, ethics, relationships, and the thetan.

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Scientology and Christianity

Do Scientologists believe in the Judeo-Christian God or Jesus Christ? Can you be a Christian and also be a member of Scientology?

Aliens, Extraterrestrials, and Xenu

Do Scientologists believe in space aliens? What, exactly, does Scientology say about space aliens? How do you know the Xenu story is real, and not made up by people who want to make Scientology look bad?

Scientology and Bible Study

Do Scientologists study the Bible? If Scientologists don't study the Bible, what do they study?

Scientology and Drugs

What does Scientology teach about medical drugs? What about psychiatric drugs?

Basic Teachings

What is the main idea behind Dianetics? What is the main idea behind Scientology? What causes an engram? Are engrams real? Has anyone ever reached the state of Clear? What are the upper levels of Scientology? What else does Scientology teach?

Scientology and Sex

What does Scientology teach about sex? What does Scientology teach about homosexuality? What is the Second Dynamic?

teachings and beliefs in the News

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April 16, 2006 Baby Cruise's Silent Birth Raises A Lot Of Ruckus Tom Cruise, a longtime Scientologist who introduced Holmes to the faith, is likely to follow Scientology's practice of quiet birth. Followers believe the absence of talk and other noise in the delivery room is more healthful for mother and baby. Katie Holmes, Press, teachings and beliefs, Tom Cruise
March 4, 1998 Boston Herald: Sacred Teachings Not Secret Anymore Scientology teaches that humans first came to the earth from outer space 75 million years ago, sent into exile here by an evil warlord named Xenu, according to church documents. The church also teaches members to communicate with plants, zoo animals, and inanimate objects such as ashtrays. But these esoteric secrets have only recently been revealed publicly, because the Church of Scientology for decades used copyright lawsuits and other measures to keep them under wraps. Press, teachings and beliefs
June 27, 1990 Los Angeles Times: The "Org Board" A key element of the management techniques Scientologists sell to businessmen is L. Ron Hubbard's "organizational board". Used also by the Church of Scientology, the "Org Board" divides an organization into seven divisions — executive, personnel, sales, finance, training, marketing and qualifications. Los Angeles, CA, Press, teachings and beliefs
June 24, 1990 Los Angeles Times: Defining the Theology What is Scientology? Not even the vast majority of Scientologists can fully answer the question. No single book comprehensively sets forth Scientology's beliefs. Teachings are revealed to church members through a progression of sometimes secret courses that take years to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars. L. Ron Hubbard, Los Angeles, CA, Press, teachings and beliefs
January 13, 1990 Captivity Case May be Tied to Faith Pomona police said they are investigating whether beliefs espoused by the Church of Scientology led a family to confine a mentally disabled woman in a cell-like bedroom at a Phillips Ranch house. While stressing that neither the church nor its beliefs are under investigation, police said they want to know if Scientology practices could explain why the woman was kept in confinement. crimes, Los Angeles, Press, teachings and beliefs