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September 22, 2001 Sentencing in Trial Against Scientology After 7 months of trial, thousands of written pages, hundreds of people investigated and 12 Scientologists accused, the judge now has to decide whether the 12 members of Scientology are guilty of conspiracy, a crime for which the public prosecutor asked for three months in prison for each. crimes, Madrid, Press
November 24, 1988 Scientology Leader Sent to Jail in Spain A judge in Spain ordered the head of the Church of Scientology International jailed Wednesday pending possible indictment on charges of fraud, criminal association and tax evasion. Judge Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia said it will be at least a week before Heber Jentzsch of Los Angeles sees a second judge about setting bail. He said Jentzsch was being sent to a prison outside Madrid. The judge said authorities had frozen $1.76 million in bank accounts belonging to officials of the U.S.-based Church of Scientology and the church's drug rehabilitation program, Narconon. crimes, Heber Jentzsch, Madrid, Narconon, Press
November 22, 1988 Spain Seizes Scientology Leaders Police arrested 69 people in a raid on a hotel and accused 45 of them of fraud, illegal association and forgery for being members of the Church of Scientology. Among those held was Heber Jentzsch, 53, of Los Angeles, worldwide director of the faith, and two unidentified Americans, judicial sources said. In 1986 and again last June, Spain's Justice Ministry rejected a petition by the Church of Scientology for accreditation as a legitimate religious institution on the ground that the group's activities "negatively affect public health." crimes, Heber Jentzsch, Madrid, Press