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September 18, 2008 Scientology Link at Montessori School Alarms Parents Some parents are upset with a study method introduced by a Montessori school in northwest Toronto, which they say has its roots in the Church of Scientology. Parents said the owner of the Bambolino Montessori Academy, a private school, told parents last week that it was introducing a new learning method called applied scholastics. Parents weren't given a choice when the dean told them they'd be implementing the study technique. front groups, Press, Stealth Scientology, Toronto
October 13, 2007 San Francisco Stops Scientology Backers from Using Photo of Newsom The smiling photo of Gavin Newsom and the city seal emblazoned on a booklet called "The Way to Happiness" sure make it seem as though San Francisco's mayor is heartily endorsing Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's writings. But after a box full of the booklets was delivered to Newsom's City Hall office this week, the city attorney's office promptly sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Southern California group distributing them, saying it was violating city and state laws by using the city seal and the mayor's endorsement without consent. Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert also was not happy about seeing his ringing endorsement on a batch of booklets sent this week to his office. front groups, Press, Way to Happiness Foundation
October 19, 2005 Hazelwood Schools Reject Firm With Scientology Ties The Hazelwood School District has rebuffed a private tutoring provider with ties to the founder of Scientology. The tutoring company, Applied Scholastics International, has made numerous overtures to the school district, Hazelwood superintendent Chris Wright said. "We are not interested in your services, not willing to participate in your training programs, do not want your materials, and will not enter into any association with Applied Scholastics," Wright wrote earlier this month. Her comments were in a letter to Bennetta Slaughter, chief executive officer of Applied Scholastics. front groups, Press
October 1, 2005 District Scrambles to Ensure Human Rights Event Is Religion-Free Los Angeles city school officials were caught off guard this week by the Church of Scientology's role in an upcoming event at a South Los Angeles high school, which, while not illegal, is considered unusual. The event was organized by Youth for Human Rights International - a group with close ties to the Church of Scientology. front groups, Los Angeles, CA, Press, Stealth Scientology, Youth for Human Rights International
May 29, 2005 Los Angeles Times: Scientologists Reach Behind Bars with Criminon Hundreds of inmates at one of California's highest-security prisons, where a fourth are mentally ill and most are serving time for violent crimes, have participated in a rehabilitation program affiliated with the Church of Scientology, which rejects traditional mental health care. front groups, Press
October 2, 2004 Church's Drug Program Flunks S.F. Test A free anti-drug program that teaches children concepts from the Church of Scientology earned a failing grade Friday from public health officials who were asked by San Francisco school administrators to evaluate it. The program, Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, "often exemplifies the outdated, non-evidence-based and sometimes factually inaccurate approach, which has not served students well for decades," concluded Steve Heilig, director of health and education for the San Francisco Medical Society. front groups, Narconon, Press, San Francisco, CA, Stealth Scientology
November 2, 2003 Critics Leary Of Fire Fund's Cruise Plan FDNY officials are worried by the clinic's requirement that firefighters abandon their inhalers and medication. FDNY Deputy Commissioner Francis X. Gribbon told us that Downtown Medical "is not a bona-fide detox program. It should not be a substitute for the medical treatment that our doctors have advised. We don't endorse it." front groups, New York, Press, Purification Rundown, Tom Cruise
March 23, 1999 Anti-Cult Group Must Pay Award The people involved in the Supreme Court case still say they are in a group called CAN, but a Scientologist has bought legal rights to the name. The group that sprung from that purchase "espouses the exact opposite views of what the old CAN used to espouse," said Paul Lawrence, appellate attorney for the old group. front groups, Kendrick Moxon, Press
March 2, 1998 Boston Herald: Church Keys Programs to Recruit Blacks The Church of Scientology has targeted black families in Massachusetts with a learn-to-read program that critics say is just a rehash of old methods that leans heavily on the church's religious teachings. Critics and former members say the program - the World Literacy Crusade - is part of a nationwide effort by the church to entice blacks into Scientology and then convince them to take other, expensive programs. Boston, MA, front groups, Isaac Hayes, Press
March 2, 1998 Boston Herald: Milton School Shades Ties to Scientology A Church of Scientology school in Milton is enrolling large numbers of children from middle-class and professional black families in what critics say is part of the church's nationwide plan to recruit minorities. Officials at Delphi Academy do not tell parents that the school is part of the Church of Scientology, and that they are trying to recruit blacks for Scientology's costly programs. Boston, MA, front groups, Press