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September 18, 2008 Scientology Link at Montessori School Alarms Parents Some parents are upset with a study method introduced by a Montessori school in northwest Toronto, which they say has its roots in the Church of Scientology. Parents said the owner of the Bambolino Montessori Academy, a private school, told parents last week that it was introducing a new learning method called applied scholastics. Parents weren't given a choice when the dean told them they'd be implementing the study technique. front groups, Press, Stealth Scientology, Toronto
October 4, 2007 Clearwater is Scientology's Mecca More than 30 years ago, L. Ron Hubbard secretly bought a historic hotel in this dying Florida downtown with a vision of making a spiritual home for his Church of Scientology. Today, locals and parishioners live in uneasy harmony. The mysterious newcomers made waves almost immediately with secretive, aggressive expansion and - according to church documents seized by the FBI - a covert plot to discredit their enemies and "take control" of the city. Clearwater, L. Ron Hubbard, Press, Stealth Scientology
October 1, 2006 German Police Told To Target Scientologists Germans are being warned of the 'danger' of Scientology amid growing concerns over the numbers of after-school tutoring programmes springing up across the country. The government has told internal security forces to step up their scrutiny of the movement, claiming that the Scientologists, which they label a cult, are seeking to take advantage of Germany's ailing education system as a means to recruit children. It has prompted US embassy officials to lobby the German government on the sect's behalf. Germany, Press, Scientology and Society, Stealth Scientology
October 1, 2005 District Scrambles to Ensure Human Rights Event Is Religion-Free Los Angeles city school officials were caught off guard this week by the Church of Scientology's role in an upcoming event at a South Los Angeles high school, which, while not illegal, is considered unusual. The event was organized by Youth for Human Rights International - a group with close ties to the Church of Scientology. front groups, Los Angeles, CA, Press, Stealth Scientology, Youth for Human Rights International
October 2, 2004 Church's Drug Program Flunks S.F. Test A free anti-drug program that teaches children concepts from the Church of Scientology earned a failing grade Friday from public health officials who were asked by San Francisco school administrators to evaluate it. The program, Narconon Drug Prevention & Education, "often exemplifies the outdated, non-evidence-based and sometimes factually inaccurate approach, which has not served students well for decades," concluded Steve Heilig, director of health and education for the San Francisco Medical Society. front groups, Narconon, Press, San Francisco, CA, Stealth Scientology
October 16, 1992 Dentist Makes Schools Offer To Push Scientology Book A West End dentist is offering money to local schools to get children to read a book by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The national contest is sponsored by the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America, an organization that has been linked to Scientology. A 1990 Los Angeles Times article quoted Scientology publications as saying the book is "the bridge between society and Scientology." front groups, Press, Stealth Scientology
October 14, 1990 School Drops Assembly Because of Group's Scientology Link The principal of a Sherman Oaks elementary school has canceled an assembly by an environmental group because of fears that parents would object to the organization's connection with the Church of Scientology. The church has been investigated by federal authorities and is considered by many experts to be a cult. At least one parent raised questions about the group's affiliation with Scientology. Los Angeles, Press, Stealth Scientology
October 16, 1987 Insurance Firm Sues Boy, Father A 10-year-old boy who authorities say started a fire last year at the Hacienda Gardens apartments is being sued by the insurance company that paid $30,000 in damages. The boy was one of seven people living in a two-bedroom apartment owned by the Church of Scientology, but he was alone in the apartment when the fire broke out Oct. 21, 1986. The insurance company wants the boy and the father to reimburse the $30,000 it paid to cover the damages. The Scientologists paid the remaining $10,000 in damage to that apartment and three others, the suit said. Clearwater, Press, Stealth Scientology