Mo Budlong writes to Richard Weigand, describing a plan for hiding Michael Meisner from his arrest warrant

Date: September 28, 1976

Stipulation of Evidence, United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al

On September 28, 1976, Deputy Guardian for Information World-Wide Mo Budlong, in a letter to the defendant Weigand "Re: Murphy [Meisner]", stated:

The answer for this gentleman is to have him depart for some whereabouts wherein he can obtain documents concerning his ability to drive but does not have to give details of his life history, if you know what I mean, to obtain the documents.

Then he should find some out of the way large city where he can rent himself a quiet place to do research or some such for an article or a book or whatever.

He can then live and work there for some time undisturbed.

Once Silver has completed his cycle we will have some idea of which way things are moving and we will be able to ascertain Murphy's next move, but for the time being he should keep himself fairly exclusive.

Silver should admit what he did but let his representative do his talking for him and should not volunteer any further information.

To achieve this of course Silver and his representative will have to push for the big event to occur as soon as possible.

Once the Silver event is over we can reassess the whole cycle in light of the data that comes up, which you will have to work out some way of reporting to me.

If any of the above is not clear, please ask immediately as I don't want any confusions on what has to be done. (Emphasis added.)

(See Government Exhibit No. 131.) [Government Exhibit No. 131 was seized by Special Agent Henry L. Williams from the desk of the defendant Cindy Raymond at the Cedars Complex. It was inventoried and initialed by Special Agent Raymond Mislock.]

Sentencing Memorandum, United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al

B. As to Morris Budlong, the seized documents clearly show that every detail of the cover-up had to receive his specific approval. For example:

September 28, 1976

(Exh. No. 15 hereto)

from Mo Budlong to Dick Weigand, DGIUS, cc: to Jane Kember: Sets forth plan for harboring Meisner as a fugitive (change his identity, go into hiding) and obstructing justice by having Wolfe plead guilty, giving no details of the reason for being in the courthouse. Concludes: "If any of the above is not clear, please ask immediately as I don't want any confusion on what has to be done."