Scientologists Commended for Breaking into Government Offices

Date: September 21, 1975

Gregory Willardson writes a CSW (Completed Staff Work) to Jane Kember and requests commendations and awards for various staff members who had been involved in executing GO 1361 (which directed breaking into government offices and stealing documents), including Cindy Raymond.

From the Stipulation of Evidence:

On September 21, 1975, the defendant Gregory Willardson, in his capacity as Branch I Director for the Information Bureau in the United States, wrote a "CSW" (Completed Staff Work) to Guardian World-Wide Jane Kember requesting her to issue certain "commendations" and "awards" to certain Bureau I staff members. They had been involved in the execution of GO 1361 during the period March to late June 1975, when it had been necessary for Mr. Meisner to send thousands of documents to Los Angeles without first excerpting them. Among the individuals for whom official recognition were sought was the defendant Cindy Raymond. The attached "Guardian Condition Order" (Government Exhibit No. 43E)[Government Exhibit No. 43 was seized by Special Agent Smith from Room 4 in the Information Bureau at the Cedars Complex] listed all the individuals to be so honored. It was approved by the defendants Heldt, Weigand and Willardson, and Budlong and Lisa for the Guardian World-Wide, Jane Kember.