Church Wanted Files, Trial Told

Source: Globe and Mail
Date: April 23, 1992

by Thomas Claridge

A former senior official of the Church of Scientology testified yesterday that during a trip to Britain in 1973 he got orders to obtain police files on investigations into the organization's activities in Canada.

Bryan Levman told the Ontario Court trial of five Scientologists and the Toronto Scientology organization that he received the orders upon being promoted to the office of Deputy Guardian Canada by Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Now owner of a Toronto-based advertising agency, Mr. Levman, 44, said that during the same 1973 visit he was shown a secret policy directive from Mr. Hubbard outlining how members of the Guardian's Office Worldwide should "deal with Scientology's enemies."

The witness said techniques to be used included "ripoffs" and "agents." Asked by prosecutor James Stewart what the terms meant, Mr. Levman replied that a "ripoff" involved "a break and enter" and the use of "agents" involved having a Scientologist get a job within a targeted organization. "When the opportunity is right you get the information."

Advising the court that such information was to be obtained in hopes of getting enemies of Scientology removed from their jobs, the witness said he was told to get the information "any way you can."

The trial, at which the accused have all pleaded not guilty to breach-of-trust charges, continues.

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