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Subject: Scientology in the stock exchange, part 2
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Exhibition Experiment
Dealing with Critics

Vienna, Austria
May 2, 2000

Money, money, money ... would not be allowed to play a
role in the exhibition, "Scientology - What is That?"
Gold-framed, extra-large display boards with all kinds of
beautiful colors, minded by watchers who looked like
secret service agents. The cadre-constructed, cynical
psycho-cult of Ron Hubbard, the Founder, who for good
reason has been making negative headlines, was to be
promoted here in the best light. "Do you want in to the
exhibition?" The first question was from an unknown
bouncer at the door after he had given me the security
check with his piercing, fixed stare, then I was received by
Evelyn Aigner with oozing, sweet friendliness. In spite of
years of Scientology technology I did not see a happily
beaming woman, but a destroyed self-image of a mediocre

With stark curiosity, she tried to interrogate me. Whether I
knew anything about Scientology already and what I did for
a living. After an evasive answer on my part, I was accused
of already having applied Scientology technology. I
indicated soberly that there were also other (cheaper)
alternatives for a successful life. Before the interrogation
could continue, Andreas Boeck, presumably an OSA agent
(something like a Scientology secret service), took the lead
in extraordinary style. After I stated my name, I was
exposed and immediately categorized as an enemy. At
which point Mrs. Aigner let slip an important turn of phrase:
"... I can test that out with the tone scale ..." (Scientologists,
as disoriented as they would be otherwise, orient their
feelings to a type of tone ladder whereby they have to
always make an effort to handle themselves). After I had
been uncovered, I once again had on "honest" feeling,
namely, a feeling that I was being overtly and covertly
stared at. I lost my presumably as yet "uncleared" female
guide after I inquired about the Purification Rundown. I
probably never should have stated in that room that there
were descriptions from real people who had been put in
health-threatening situations by this sweating method while
taking overdoses of vitamins. 

After that I dedicated myself to a video tape with and about
Ron Hubbard. He described how simple the technology
was of getting rid of problems. Among the audience
present, I recognized a woman who I had gotten to know
once at another event. Before I could get a regular
conversation going, a dark-haired lady came by at that
moment and invited us to the announced presentation. But
when I started moving in the direction of the presentation
room, I was asked if we were together. After I said we
weren't, Mrs. Aigner finally stepped in again and presented
me with a slip of paper forbidding me entrance. What I had
really not anticipated happened nonetheless! But it
confirmed my earlier experiences with these grandly
deluded, power-loving super-people. Factual
counter-questions, provable experiences or even negative
experiences from so-called former members are a red cape
for Scientology - criticism is not permitted and and cannot
be dealt with, since it causes contradictions and would
cause the whole questionable, racist ideological structure to

The peak of visiting a Scientology exhibition came across
somehow "antagonistic" - as Scientology insiders would say
in their "technical speak." I reached for my cellular phone
and shared my experiences live with someone I knew. I
estimate that after 1 minute, a so-called security man, a
smart dresser, demanded that I leave the exhibition
immediately. When I asked him to identify himself as a
security man since he was not dressed as such, he refused.
Mrs. Aigner then turned into her true self. After she
ineffectively threatened me with the police, she spat her
hate-filled words at me, "I'm throwing you out!" Because I
wanted to spare myself any more senseless provocations, I
left the venerable halls of the stock exchange. 

I stood for several moments at the head of the flight of stars
in order to take in the unreal scene at a distance. But a Mrs.
Aigner arrived on the double and said unmistakably, "Leave
the steps!..." - Right, because they belonged to the building
rented thoughtlessly and happily by the stock exchange
assessment association for cold cash to Scientology for
purposes of propaganda. A general whitewashing would
once again be good enough for Scientology Austria so that
Scientology can continue to spin its unholy net! 

Author: Klaus Wechselberger 

First appeared at: www.awadalla.at, 3 May 2000 
Hopeless, but not serious 

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