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 wrote in message news:[email protected]...
> Time:  10:30am to 1:00pm

Half-day slacker!  Get your stats up!

> Place:  Church of Scientology Toronto
> Form: report of key highlights of Toronto picket
> Event:  None
> Once again, our Church was "picketed". Only this time they refused to
> speak to any parishioners directly.

And this drove them bananas!

>  This could be attributed to Mr.
> Hagglund's last picket at the Church, where he went psychotic on
> several occasions and had to leave the "front lines" to calm down.
> Tho' he did so on several occasions this time as well, it was nice to
> have them protesting quietly.

It drove them bananas that we were wouldn't talk to them.

>  This had a very noticeable effect in
> allowing the Church to get it's neighborhood program of "Drug Free
> Marshall's" to assist local residents in cleaning up the surrounding
> streets.  The Church had great success and we thank the protesters for
> containing themselves.

They did send out the kids to clean trash on neighboring streets.  This is a
good thing.  (Although I hope they got a good lecture on what to do if they
found toxic trash.)

Members and kids did replant some flowers in the planters along-side the
org.  This is a good thing too.

They also set up a lemonade stand rather than the usual E-Meter table.  This
was for the DFM cleanup crew rather than the general public.

There were some sidewalk cleaning efforts that didn't accomplish much.  20'
of sidewalk in front of the org entrance was scrubed.  Repeatedly.  That
didn't seem to make the sidewalk much cleaner, and since the sidewalk was
wet, this resulted in dirty footprints into the org, and any DA flyers
dropped turned into a pulpy mess.  At the side enterance, they did use a
pressure hose system.  Once again, they made 20-30' of sidewalk wet.  (I
didn't walk down and take a look to see if it was any more effective at
cleaning.)  I'd rate this as a stupid thing.  (Note that the evening before
Toronto received a massive amount of rainfall.)

They did scrub the sides of the org.  While this might have improved the
apperance slightly, this was offset by the closed Brothers Restuarant.  The
windows are covered with paper on the inside, and the sign taken down
leaving bare lighting fixtures.  It looks like heck!  I'll be curious to see
how long it takes Co$ Toronto to rent that space.  (Brothers had a locked in
rent rate from 1980, before Co$ bought the building though an XYZ company

> The Church parishioners in attendence also passed out "The Way To
> Happiness" booklets and a record number of copies were distributed to
> the community today.

Record number?  Publish the figures.  Gotta have those stats!  And how many
people said "Wait, this is *for* Scientology?!  Here!"

> Although the number of "protesters" in attendance was double over their
> last monthly visit (6), they managed to get out less than 20 of their
> fliers.

Since I handed out over 90 myself, I tend to doubt that figure.  :^) Even
using Co$ math and dividing by 10, we still managed far more than 20(0).

>  Those in attendance; Gregg, Ron (Android), Chris (Wulfen -
> back from the boonies), Mike Argue (the name fits), David Palter (who
> simply stood there this time - instead of attacking one of the
> parishioners) and a new attendee whom I believe is identified possibly
> as Kaeli (who appeared somewhat tense and "not there").  Noticeably
> absent was Mr. Barclay whom we thank for not participating in this hate
> induced sham.

It sure pissed you off that we didn't say where Alan was, didn't it?

>  We expect that upon further reflection, the other
> individuals (Mr. Palter and Mr. Argue already know what they have to do)

Amends formula?  You can say it.  Even the complete wogs here have heard
about the tech up to and past the OT-III level.  How much $$$ would their
amends cost them?  (Hell, I'm sure that at least one of them has been
Declared.  Doesn't that put them forever beyond hope of getting back on the
Hamster-Wheel to Total Freedom?)

> will come to their senses and choose a target more worthy of protest.
> Perhaps the illegal use of drugs, or the criminal use of prescription
> drugs to "quiet children", such as Ritalin, Prozac, Paxal etc.  I don't
> know, the world at large could use help right about now - not HATE.

Nope.  Co$ was busted in Canada for criminal infiltration of government,
medical and legal organizations, and the leopard hasn't changed its spots.
You're still infiltrating, as Velcro Kitty proves.  And I suspect the next
bust with be the last one.

[Mr. Subliminal comments added]
> It was pointed out to each of them (the "protesters")that their actions
> is similar in nature to a previous, organized hate group which;
> 1)  Ridiculed their belief's,
[Cut into their GA cash flow.]
> 2)  Sanctioned government restriction of those belief's and practices,
[Asked the government to apply the law.]
> 3)  Condoned inhibiting their freedoms/curtailing their rights until
> they had none,
[Sicced police, lawyers and government officials on them when they broke the
> 4)  Using a platform of "free speech" to harm others,
[DM sent the Sea Org to shout at us.]
> 5)  Issued lies and untruth's so as to "form" a view of their own slant,
[Issued truths so we can't sue them.]
> All of which is performed routinely by the above people.  This other
> group was called the Nationalist Socialist Party - NAZI for short.
[We can't debate, so we'll just invoke Godwin's rule.]
> The key point to made here is that these individuals picket to remove
> the rights of others under the banner of "help" which is actually
> harmful, in that it undermines the rights of others to choose for
> themselves and see for themselves.  Fortunately, the majority see Gregg
> for what he is - a religious bigot, who cannot address a simple issue
> of religious freedom FOR ALL.  He casually walks around this by denying
> that Scientology is a Church, although it is recognized as such around
> the world [In Europe?] and by many theological scholars [that we kind of
pay/stroke].  Hard to get around truth,
> but Gregg has managed to rationalize this particular FACT.
> Thought you should know.
> dorsai666

Odd how you don't post the big win that one of your "parishioners"
hip-checked Gregg off the sidewalk and into the road?  Did he look for
on-coming traffic first?  Did he mess up because there wasn't any?  (And did
it happen at that moment because some other parishioner was tasked with
distracting the cop?)

A cthurch that condones assault and possible attempted man-slaughter
(murder?).  Ah, is this one of those religious freedoms that you speak of?
I think you should examine your own rationalizations.

Ron of that ilk.

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