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Subject: Toronto Hanging-Out-at-the-Event Demonstration Report- May 6/00
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Toronto Hanging-Out-at-the-Event Demonstration Report
Toronto May 6, 2000

Hanging-Out-at-the-Dianetics Event

Mike Argue, Gregg Hagglund, Slippery Jim 
(& the much too late: Ron Sharp :-)

Toronto, May 6, 2000.

	I have been advised by Victim Support groups to change my
routines after Mr. Peter Ramsay assaulted me April 28, 2000. Therefore
it was arranged for Mike Argue to meet me when I arrived in downtown
	After parking my car, Mike and I decided to go down to the
Marriott Hotel where the event was to take place. As we entered the
Hotel Mike and I breezed past Peter Ramsay and Brian McPherson. The
hotel lobby had a splattering of male Sea Orgers in blue pants and
white shirts. Sea Ogres in tow, I approached and enquired of the
Concierge for the Manager. While we were waiting for the manager to
appear I noticed a familiar Sea Ogre face from Year One of the
Demonstrations: Wimpy!. I said hello but he ignored me. Then the
manager appeared. 
	I spoke with the Hotel Manager to inform him we intended to
conduct a peaceful demonstration on the public sidewalk outside of the
Hotel for about one hour commencing at 6:45 PM. I then asked him which
ballroom had the Co$ contracted for and he told me. I couldn't
remember what my files said about that Ballroom sections seating
capacities so I asked the manager. He said he could tell me and moved
over to the display board to refresh his memory of which section it
was. At this moment Wimpy intervenes, mumbling something about being
with event security, and asks the manager to not talk to us. So I
start to bring up my video camera (which I always carry now outside
the house) to turn it on and Wimpy assaults the Camera by stabbing his
thumb onto the lens. Now I turn on the camera and start filming and
ask Wimpy if he wants to do that again on tape. The manager tried to
keep things from getting out of hand, having seen what Wimpy did and
my justified umbrage. The manager then told me I could get the info I
wanted later and I agreed. I then warned the manager Mr. Ramsay was
about and the Police may come asking for him as he had assaulted me
once before. Then Mike  and I left.

	{Unconfirmed Report: Room capacity 350 theatrical seating with
approximately 250 max attendance total body count.}

	My camera was still on as I checked the lens and there was
Wimpies smeared finger print. The video shows it as a foreground blur
for what happened next.  Mike and I went out the front and past Ramsay
and McPherson again. As we went past Ramsay he tries another assault
by flicking his burning cigarette at me and this on tape! [ Its a good
thing I was at least 15 feet away. I once saw someone get a flicked
burning cigarette in the eye when I was in high school. The kids
cornea was permanently damaged. I hope he got a transplant when it
became medically feasible.]

	We then went back to our meeting place and relaxed for a bit,
it was just after 6 pm and the event was not until 7:30 pm. The others
if available were to join us around 6:30 opposite the Hotel.

	I called 52 Division at about 6:15 and let them know our
intentions and our experience. As usual they appreciated the heads up.

	At 6:30 or thereabouts, we began a
'Hanging-Out-Across-from-the-Hotel Demonstration'. I had made up two
new signs which read : "Fifty Years of Fakery: Dianetics"  on one side
and "Visit WWW.XENU.NET -Think For Yourself" on the reverse. We were
soon joined by 'Slippery Jim'. However, because we had no Police
presence of any kind and not having a fourth member, we did not
Demonstrate on the sidewalk directly in front of the Hotel.**

	**The Co$ has recently adopted  overt policies of:
intimidation (assault & interference with lawful conduct), public
mischief (theft of property), public nuisance, uttering threats,
causing a disturbance, criminal libel and possibly unlawful assembly
(meeting for the purpose of causing a public disturbance or fracas).
Therefore we have amended our Demonstration advisory. If a Cop is
present, (no matter how ill prepared) then two critics make a
Demonstration. If no Cop is present then 4 critics are necessary for
mutual protection in order to demonstrate.

	Poor George the Video camera Scn had to go and get their video
equipment. Peter Ramsay, Andy Hill, Brian McPherson, Jacky Bailey,
Nicole Prelan, Marg Wilkins, Janet Wilkins, Val Hill, Bob Hill, Linda
Kirk (nee Tracy), John G. Layton, Janet Leveau, Earl Smith, Mario,
Diane Dodson Smith, Mike Prelan, Frank Philby, Mick McCoy/Savage Ms.
Maclin, and 'In-Your-Face Mike' were all observed at times outside the
Hotel. Some gave out big yellow balloons to passersby and tickets to
the event. No one appeared to take them up on the offer. There were
about 4 or 5 of bored teenagers and teenaged Sea Ogres as well as  3
or 4 very thrilled looking youngsters too. Dan Bryenton, Gwen McCoy
and Artie were not seen, unrecognised but likely attending were Betty
Meisner,  A. Renault, David Stokes and Graham F. Potter. 

	THE Harridan was also unseen, doubtless still hiding and
celebrating after stealing my personal property, a copy of OT3, at the
April 15, 2000 Demonstration. (That copy has now been replaced.)

	George got to videotape me videotaping him. I also videotaped
some of the Co$ street activities outside the Hotel. Mike Argue was
invaluable in helping to put names to many of those faces we have seen
recently and in the past, countering our Demos. (I feel morally
obligated to point out that *most* of the Scns who counter protested
us at the Org during the first 24 demonstrations, have done so with
dignity and have respected our right to express our opinions without
interference. Sadly the current assigned crop of  'handlers' have
acted in a most disreputable manner and are openly contemptuous of our
Charter Rights.)

	Mike, Slippery Jim and I spent an interesting time
demonstrating comfortably out of reach of the Co$ goon squad. Most of
the Scn went in for the 7:30 PM start of the event, except for the
Goonies. These poor souls, led by the Repugnant Mr. Ramsay, had to
remain outside on the Hotel front steps until we demonstrators choose
to leave. 
	At about 7:50 Ron Sharp put in his appearance and we were
finally four, but much too late for the day. Besides we had given 52
Division a time frame I felt we should stick to. We all left at about
8 PM. As I drove away, I passed by the Hotel and noted the Goonies had
finally been permitted, by our absence no doubt, to join the event.

	Videotape footage will be forwarded to XenuTV.


Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: 

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate
 picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior,
          -----an organization:
picketing individuals for voicing their opinion."

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund


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