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From: "Anti-Reg" 
Subject: Belated picket report Salt Lake City 03/07/00
Date: 09 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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I had no lunch plans on Tuesday so I decided to head up to the Salt Lake
City org for a short picket.

I arrived at 12:30 pm and noticed that the org looked like it was
deserted. There were a few staff cars in the parking lot, but nothing

I started walking back and forth in front of the org.  The traffic along
1100 E was pretty slow compared to what it had been on Saturday.

I picketed until 1 pm.  I saw no activity within the org.  No one came out
to handle me.  A couple of staffers came and went from the parking lot and
I got dirty looks from the following individuals:

Don Jarvis, Senior C/S SLC
Dana Rock, Course Supervisor SLC (Dana is actually a very nice person and
I hate to see her give all her time to the cult because she is missing out
on seeing her two sons grow up)
Hazel Balken, C/S of the soon-to-be-defunct New Life Utah

To OSA:  Your picket hours balance is now 13,057.50.

Sean Ostler
A.K.A.  Anti-Reg, ATS (Actual Trouble Source)

"I got regged one too many times!"

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