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Subject: Picket Report:  Mesa, AZ  5/13/00
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Kathy and I picketed from 8:30 to 9:30 Saturday AM.
The weather was very pleasant, spring is cooler than
usual in the desert this year - the exact opposite
of the spring in the Chicago area, where I have been
during the last few work weeks.

There were no cars in the Mi$$ion parking lot when
we arrived, and only three when we left.  The first car
to park had only one occupant and she opened up the
Borg building.  The next car to arrive was a big SUV
with 4 adults (2 couples) and a baby.  The final car, 
arriving at about 10 minutes after nine, had two more 

BTW, is the M/F ratio of the Co$ membership the same
as the general population?

Approximately twenty minutes after going into the mission,
one of the women from the SUV came out ant sat in the vehicle.
A few minutes later one of the men came out to join her.
They just sat for a while, then they re-parked the car to
avoid the picket or the sun, whatever.  They were still
there when we left. 

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