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Subject: Picket report:  Mesa, AZ  4/8/00  
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Kathy and I picketed the One-and-only Arizona site
of the Co$ in Mesa again today, from about 8:45 to
9:30 this morning.

There were three cars in the lot when we arrived,
and three more came during the picket - plus two
cars dropped off people.  I estimate a total of
less than ten people doing Elron's bidding this
fine morning in the Valley of the Sun.  I hope all
you Ronbots are in it for the long, long haul,
because you will need another couple of dozen meat-body
incarnations to see the planet cleared, at this rate.

"We come back....and back and back and back....phooey,
let's get a pizza!"  - Future Motto of the Sea Org.

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