Read about pickets, protests, and demonstrations against Scientology from all over the world.

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Pickets of Scientology Organizations, 2000 and earlier

Read reports from pickets of Scientology organizations around the world.

My Scientology Activism

I protest Scientology because I think it's hurting people and breaking the law. Scientology hasn't really done much to me; I speak out because I'm concerned for others.

Pickets in the News

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March 14, 1998 Los Angeles Picket The First Annual Elwrong Birthday Bash: Critics march on L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles in front of the cult's American Saint Hill Organization. Cult staff hid from the event. Photo: Pickets
March 14, 1998 Los Angeles Picket Tilman Hausherr, Lisa Derrick, Jason, Lisa McPherson Memorial Page is one of the best Scientology resources on the net.">Jeff Jacobsen, Michael Reuss, Ermine, Zinjifar, Neal Hamel, Geoff Burling, Taniwha, Ted Mayett, Prignillius, Conner, Fred Davis, Xenubat, kEvin, Deana Holmes, Grady Ward, Martin Ottmann, OT8, Bruce Pettycrew picket in Los Angeles. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets
March 14, 1998 Poole Picket Critics picket in Poole. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets
March 13, 1998 Atlanta Picket Mad Cow, Wynot, Laudanum, Jeff, Slax, and Xenu picket in Atlanta. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets
March 13, 1998 Boston Picket Critics picket in Boston, Massachusetts. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets
March 13, 1998 Toronto Picket Critics picket in Toronto, Ontario. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets
March 8, 1998 San Jose Picket Critics picket in San Jose, California. Notes: Picket as promised Pickets
March 7, 1998 Mesa Picket Critics picket in Mesa, Arizona. Notes: Picket until dark Pickets
March 6, 1998 Gothenburg Picket Critics picket in Gothenburg. Notes: Disturbing Production Pickets
March 1, 1998 Amsterdam Picket Critics picket in Amsterdam. Notes: Birthday Picket Pickets