Thierry M, treatment, Scientology. He's, eating;

Date: May 15, 1989
Thierry M, just out of a sojourn in psychiatric hospital and still on treatment, is recruited by Scientology. He's soon no longer eating; and working "to walk" whole nights along. "Scientologists have done a tremendous destruction's job" write Ms. M. "Since they cultivated the hate against his whole family, his uncle - he adored him -, his brother, his grandfather who loved him so much, and myself. He said being able to get a perfect memory, saying from his recalls I had made him suffer since he was a small child. That he would sue me. Everything I could do or say to reassure him was only making him angry. Two weeks before his death, he was near to strangle me and had let me down unconscious on the ground. Those people are crooks. They extorted his only money, an handicapped adult pension of less than 500$ a month (2900FF)." At the age of 24, he will commit suicide. [May 1989; exact date unknown]
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