Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 R (M-4), This, John, Erna Martinique's, organization. They, week, Jan. 1984. They, L. Ron

Date: January 29, 1984
Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 R (M-4) This report is concerning John and Erna Martinique's experiences with the Scientology organization. They stayed in the Scientology organization for about a week, in Jan. 1984. They discuss the showing of a film to new members that depicts L. Ron Hubbard as a Doctor of Philosophy and a learned man. They were given a book entitled, "Scientology - A New Slant on Life," which proclaims Hubbard to be a World War II hero who was crippled and blinded but cured himself with the development of Dianetics. The Martiniques also testified to many Scientology practices and procedures.
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