Affidavit of Margery Wakefield

Source: Testimony tells the story of her experiences in Scientology.">Margery Wakefield
Date: April 13, 1990


I, Testimony tells the story of her experiences in Scientology.">Margery Wakefield, attest that the following facts are true.

I became involved with the "Church" of Scientology in October of 1968. I was a freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

As a teenager I had suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of a traumatic childhood. When I was first approached by a Scientologist who was a fellow classmate at the University, I was told that Scientology could cure all my emotional problems. I was told that Scientology was the "psychology of the future", and that it was 1000 years ahead of psychiatry.

I was told that what I had to do was to go to Los Angeles and to begin a series of courses in "auditing". The first of these courses cost me $500.

At no time was Scientology advertised as being a religion. It was solely advocated to me as being a cure for psychological illness, for which I would pay. The first time I heard Scientology referred to as a "church" was in 1971, after I had been in Scientology for three years. When I asked why Scientology was now being called a church, I was told that it was for tax purposes.

I spent twelve years in Scientology. I progressed to the "secret upper levels" of Scientology which are chiefly involved with the exorcism of demons. I didn't realize when I got into Scientology that I would be involved in demonic and satanic practices when I got onto these upper levels. Nor was it told to me that L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, was a practicing satanist, and that this was his religion, and the "religion" behind Scientology. The facts are carefully concealed from the beginning Scientologist.

I believe that in Scientology I was ritualistically hypnotized. On the first class that I did, I had to do a drill called TR-O. In this drill I had to sit facing another person and stare at them in the eyes for two hours without blinking, and if I blinked or moved in any way, the two hours had to be done over again. Some days I did this drill for twelve or more hours a day. I told told that this drill was to improve my eye contact and would make me a better "auditor", or counselor. I did not know until after I got out of Scientology that I was being hypnotized. This drill was followed by thirteen other, similar drills in hypnosis and mind control.

In Scientology, when you get into trouble with your superiors, or you are not doing as much work as they want you to do (ie: your "statistics" are not high enough), then you are declared to be in a "lower condition". To get out of this condition, you have to deal a blow to an enemy of the group. In my case, at one point, I was trained how to break into buildings and I had to break into the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, D.C. and steal some documents that the Scientologists wanted, and I did this.

Also, one another occasion, I was trained to prejure myself in court. I was going to be called as a witness in a case in Florida involving a judge, and I was coached on what to say. When I questioned this, I was told that it was for the "greatest good". In other words it was to be done for the good of Scientology.

At one point, in the fall of 1977, I did volunteer work for the infamous Guardian's Office of Scientology, the branch of Scientology which deals in espionage and covert activities. I had to go through the auditing folders of a man who had defected and mark in red anything that he had ever said in auditing (which is supposed to be confidential), and I was to look especially for anything involving sexual practices or criminal activities and to mark them in red and circle them. This information could be used to blackmail him.

At this same time, while doing work for the Guardian's Office, I t in on a meeting in the Guardian's Office (now known as the O.S.A. - Office of Special Activities), and I heard two murders planned. One murder was of this man who had defected. He had been caught, and they said they had him in a motel room, and the next day they were going to take him out to sea and "deep six" him - tie weights to him and dump him overboard.

The second murder that I heard planned was of Paulette Cooper, who had written a book critical of Scientology, and they were planning to shoot her. To my knowledge this murder was not carried out, but at this meeting it was planned.

While in Scientology, I witnessed many individuals who had become psychotic while doing the upper levels. When people become psychotic in Scientology, they are either "offloaded" (sent away), or they are put into Scientology's prison, the dreaded R.P.F. (Rehabilitation Project Force). On two occasions I was put in the R.P.F. for punishment of things that I had done. I had to wear an old uniform. We had to work hard ~or about twenty hours a day. We were not allowed to speak to anyone unless we were spoken to, and then only in a military and formal manner. Sometimes we had to eat food that other people had left on their plates. Twice I was on the R.P.F. on a boat that the Scientologists had moored in Long Beach, California where they kept this prison. In 1980, I was "offloaded" from Scientology, and sent back to Wisconsin.

In 1980 I was kept prisoner in the Fort Harrison in Clearwater, Florida. I was kept under guard night and day for about three weeks. Even when I slept there were guards stationed outside my room so that I could not escape. One day I was taken to the airport and told to pick any place out of the state of Florida and to go there and not come back. A guard was sent with me on the plane to make sure I went to Wisconsin and didn't come back.

It took me eighteen months to recover from the worst effects of Scientology. Eighteen months after I was physically out of the organization, I snapped out of the hypnosis spontaneously one night. It was a dramatic experience. I felt like I just "woke up" even though I had been awake. I literally came out of a trance. I knew at once that I had been hypnotized for twelve years and I decided to come to Florida to file a lawsuit against the cult.

My lawsuit against Scientology was filed in 1~81 in Federal Court in Tampa, Florida, Case ~'~: 82-1313-Civ-T-10.

My case continues to this day.


Testimony tells the story of her experiences in Scientology.">Margery Wakefield<
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