Write the IRS

You can take action to stop Scientology's illegal and abusive acts - and it only takes a few minutes.

Write the IRS - or Your Local Tax Authority

Scientology's illegal actions - funded with tax-exempt donations - are a violation of IRS regulations<.

Write to the IRS and request an investigation of Scientology's illegal uses of tax-exempt funds.

Call the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-0433 .

Write to the IRS at:

Internal Revenue Service<
Fresno, CA 93888-0102

Internal Revenue Service<
Atlanta, GA 39901-0102

or at any of the IRS filing offices<.

When you contact the IRS, report Scientology's illegal activities and point out that they are thereby disqualified from tax-exempt status - and remember to inquire why the IRS grants Scientology a tax deduction no one else gets<.

Of course, tax agencies in other countries (like Australia<, Canada<, and the United Kingdom<) need to know about Scientology's abuses, too.

While you are writing to the IRS, you might want to drop a quick note to your elected officials and the editor of the local paper requesting an investigation into Scientology's illegal uses of tax-exempt funds.