Scientology in the Workplace

Through WISE - the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises - and consulting firms that promulgate L. Ron Hubbard's "admin tech", Scientologists continue to inject Scientology into the workplace, imposing Scientology training and activities on workers against their wishes, a practice that is contrary to EEOC regulations in the United States.

Scientology in the Workplace in the News

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April 7, 2006 Ex-Chiropractor To Plead Guilty In Health Care Fraud Case Markell D. Boulis, 45, a former chiropractor from Collier who ran seminars across the country designed to illegally boost revenue for chiropractic practices, has informed federal authorities that he will enter a plea in two federal cases in Pittsburgh and Columbus. Boulis patterned his company on Practice Mechanix, a firm he ran in South Florida with a fellow Scientologist, David Gorroway, until the two split in a money dispute in 2001. The men had based their seminars on business models taught by the Church of Scientology. Press, Scientology in the Workplace
April 7, 2000 Scientology Increasing Activities - Looking At Driving Schools With massive financial support and personnel from the USA, the Scientologists are again increasingly active in Hamburg. It is primarily the organization's intelligence service, the "Office of Special Affairs (OSA)" which has significantly increased its activity in recent times, reports Ursula Caberta. It is reported that organization opponents are being increasingly spied and eavesdropped upon and harassed. After they have been partly squeezed out of the real estate business, the Scientologists in Hamburg currently have their sights set on driving schools, among other things, according to Caberta. Germany, Press, Scientology in the Workplace
December 4, 1999 Clinic To Pay Ex-Workers In Bias Case An Arlington veterinary clinic has agreed to end a federal job discrimination lawsuit by splitting a $150,000 settlement among six former employees who said that their advancement was linked to participation in Church of Scientology training sessions. The former employees of the clinic in the 5800 block of West Interstate 20 said that they were pressured to participate in employee training programs developed by the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. Press, Scientology in the Workplace, WISE
December 20, 1998 Job-Bias Suit Alleges Dentist Promoted Religion In Workplace In 1991, dentist Roger N. Carlsten told his receptionist, Susan Elizabeth Morgan, that he wanted to promote her to office manager and boost her salary. But first, he insisted she take a special statistics course in "Hubbard Management Technology" written by the late science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Because she knew Hubbard had founded a controversial religion known as Scientology, and because she also knew that Carlsten was a Scientologist, Morgan worried that the course amounted to religion in disguise. Press, Providence, Scientology in the Workplace, WISE
April 14, 1997 Internet Firm Luckman Surfs Rough Waters Behind the image of a hot young high-tech company on the way up is an unpleasant tale of an ambitious super-salesman who by most accounts is on the way down - and may be taking more than a few people with him. Dozens of former company employees have gone several months without being paid. Creditors have filed suit. And one major backer of the firm alleges in a lawsuit that the company and its founder and chairman, Canadian-born Brent Luckman, have squandered nearly $1 million in company assets on first-class airline tickets, home stereo systems and donations to the Church of Scientology. Press, Scientology in the Workplace
April 10, 1995 Letters to the Editor: Scientology in the Workplace Letters to the Editor on the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the use of Scientology administrative practices, including L. Ron Hubbard's teachings that productivity is all-important; includes letters from Heber Jentzsch, President of Scientology, a Scientologist, two directors of cult information groups, and a former Allstate agent. Heber Jentzsch, Press, Scientology in the Workplace
April 9, 1995 Wary Allstate Agents Want Security Veteran agents are trying to unionize. They claim the insurance company's business strategy reflects certain teachings of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that stress higher sales at any cost. The company says some agents are simply unhappy with Allstate's new-found emphasis on competition and service. Press, Scientology in the Workplace, WISE
April 6, 1993 Struggling Cocolat Closes Next-to-Last S.F. Store Cocolat Inc., the Hayward-based confection company that is struggling to avoid bankruptcy, yesterday shut one of its two San Francisco stores. In addition to its financial woes, Cocolat has been under attack for its management practices. In recent months a number of high-level managers and employees reportedly quit, claiming that they suffered "religious" harassment because their bosses used management techniques based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology. Press, Scientology in the Workplace
September 29, 1992 Alleged Scientology Link Prompts Suit A group hired to teach communication and time-management skills to employees of Applied Materials were apprently recruiters for the Church of Scientology, three former employees claim in a lawsuit. front groups, Press, Santa Clara, CA, Scientology in the Workplace
April 19, 1986 Park Ridge Showdown Parents Protest Firing Of Montessori Teachers Scientologists and opponents of cults waged a war of leaflets as more than 100 angry parents confronted two representatives of a Park Ridge Montessori school that fired five teachers in a furor over teaching materials. Claiming their children had been traumatized by the abrupt firings, some parents threatened a breach-of-contract lawsuit. Parents said two-thirds of the more than 200 students at the school were withdrawn because the teachers were fired when they refused to use books designed by the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Press, Scientology in the Workplace