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KRQE News 13: Drug-rehab deal linked to politics, Scientology

KRQE News 13 reports on the Scientology-linked Second Chance drug rehab program for New Mexico prisoners.

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May 7, 2006 Scientology Recruiting in Washington, DC

MS-NBC reports on Scientology's recruiting drive in Washington, D.C.

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December 2, 2005 CNN: 360 Degrees - Scientology's Mysterious Desert Circles Mysterious markings in a remote corner of the New Mexico desert, but what are they, and why won't the Church of Scientology talk about them? CNN goes to New Mexico to investigate on Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees. Television
March 21, 1997 Inside Edition runs a second program on Lisa McPherson Inside Edition runs a second program on Scientology victim Lisa McPherson. They find the medical liason officer for Flag at the time of Lisa's death, Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald. She refuses to talk, however. They catch Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson in a mis-statement because he claimed there was no one with medical training at the hotel during Lisa's stay (Janis was a doctor in Tucson Arizona before moving to Clearwater). Janis is one of the three Scientologists who drove Lisa to the hospital on December 5, 1995. Lisa McPherson, Television