Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of labor law violations by Scientology

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An ex-Scientologist describes his involvement in Scientology as a teenager

Back in 1975, I spent about six months in Scientology.

Next, I was approached by several members who wanted me to drop out of high school, move downtown into a 1 bedroom apartment shared by 4-5 people, and become a full-time member of the church. I explained to the members that I planned to attend college, and I needed to finish high school to get into college. I was then informed that college was a waist of time. And that I was passing up a lifetime opportunity. Actually, I watched one of my fellow students quit his job to move in with members to become a church employee. Actually, what he became was an indentured servant. He worked sixty hours a week in exchange for something like $90.00 a month and free room, and classes. The kicker was that the $90.00 was what the church gave him to live on. This included food, entertainment and what other expenses he needed to stay alive for the entire month!

Meanwhile, unknown to me, the Church kept hitting up my mother for more money. Eventually she forked over close to $4,000.00 to these shisters.

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