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Tax Court Denies Scientology-Like Deduction for Jewish Courses

December 21, 2005: The US Tax Court rules against Michael and Maria Sklar, who were seeking the right to deduct the cost of their children's religious education, a right that the IRS grants only to Scientologists.

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October 22, 2004 Over 20 Scientology Sect Members Forced To Leave Beslan Over 20 members of the religious scientology sect left North Ossetia on Friday. The North Ossetian law enforcement agencies told Interfax that the sectarians left the republic after receiving a warning from them that their activity in Beslan is unlawful, as they lack essential certificates and licenses. A spokesman for the North Ossetian police said, "They all were registered at the Polyot hotel and tried to influence the survivors [of the September 1-3 hostage crisis] and their relatives. In response to appeals by the North Ossetian Health Ministry, public, psychology experts, and the survivors themselves, law enforcement agencies had nothing to do but take administrative measures against them," he said. Press, Russia, Scientology and Society
April 10, 2003 Neighbors Worry As Scientology Moves In "I'm not happy they are here," said Tennyson, who lives adjacent to the church. "I think they bring down the value of our homes because they have a cult type of stigma. I moved here because it's a family neighborhood, and that has been taken away." Earl Haugabook, president of the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, said he is concerned if the church plans to grow in West Tampa. "We want a diversified community with businesses who are going to come in and offer jobs and keep the West Tampa mystique. We don't want West Tampa known as the Scientology capital." Press, Scientology and Society, Tampa, FL
April 6, 2003 Inmates Did Renovation Work At Scientology Church Buffalo's Church of Scientology turned to Erie County prison inmates to help get its new Main Street home ready. Sheriff Patrick M. Gallivan, questioned by The Buffalo News about a government agency providing free labor to a church, removed the prison crew from the building several hours later. Buffalo, NY, Press, Scientology and Society, taxes
December 8, 2002 Scientologists Bid To Recruit Students Cult members posing as health workers have been targeting students at University College Dublin in a membership drive. The controversial Church of Scientology has been using anti-drug pamphlets in a bid to open contact with thousands of potential members. The leaflets, delivered to the students' union of University College Dublin, all have contact numbers for cult members printed on them. A Scientology spokesman admitted the pamphlets had two aims - firstly, to stop drug usage and secondly to promote Scientology. Dublin, Press, Scientology and Society
October 21, 2002 Scientologists Bar Negativity, Interviewing Given nearly 50 years of controversy, it's probably fitting that a Sunday visit to the Church of Scientology began in the office of a steamed church official, Pat Post. Post didn't know I got permission last week to attend the church - much less interview members, who follow the teachings of science fiction writer and all-around Renaissance man L. Ron Hubbard. In six years of covering religion, from mainline churches to witches' covens, this was the first time I was forbidden to interview members. Denver, Press, Scientology and Society
October 12, 2001 Partial Prohibition on Public Scientology Recruitment in Lausanne The Scientology cult may deliver its papers to the public on the streets of Lausanne only to a limited degree. On Friday, the Swiss Federal Court rejected the request to continue activity pending the outcome of an appeal. Scientology and Society, Switzerland
April 4, 2001 Letters: Scientology Should Be Treated Differently Leaders of Scientology, represented by at least one lawyer who works with Pope, were convicted in a plot involving infiltration and burglary of federal government offices. Scientology officials and organizations have been criminally convicted in Canada. If attorney Wallace Pope and Clearwater police Chief Sid Klein can't tell the difference between Calvary Baptist Church and a syndicate like Scientology, they are a lonely pair indeed. crimes, lawsuits, Press, Scientology and Society
March 22, 2001 Police work for Scientology Scientology has paid nearly $150,000 to 110 police officers since January 2000. The situation seems bizarre to observers who know that since the church moved into Clearwater under a false identity in the 1970s, the relationship between Scientology and the Clearwater Police Department has been cool at best, outwardly hostile at worst. Clearwater, Press, Scientology and Society
November 4, 2000 Microsoft Deletes Scientology An insurance company has sued a branch of the Church of Scientology, alleging it was underpaid for a workers' compensation policy. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. claims in a lawsuit filed Monday that the church's Flag Service Organization owes $378,873 in premiums and fees assessed after an audit turned up employees who had been covered under the policy but were "not yet paid for." Germany, Press, Scientology and Society
October 5, 2000 Scientology Organization Sues Interior Agency and "Sect Commissioner" The Scientologists are showing that they are lawsuit-happy. They intend to prohibit the Hamburg Interior Agency from letting their sect commissioner Ursula Caberta continue her research and information work on the Scientology Organization. A cease-and-desist application was filed yesterday by Munich attorney Wilhelm Bluemel in the Hamburg Administrative Court to that effect, verified court spokeswoman Angelika Huusmann. Germany, Hamburg, lawsuits, Press, Scientology and Society, Ursula Caberta

Scientology and Society in the News

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December 21, 2005 Tax Court Denies Scientology-Like Deduction for Jewish Courses The US Tax Court rules against Michael and Maria Sklar, who were seeking the right to deduct the cost of their children's religious education, a right that the IRS grants only to Scientologists. court rulings, Scientology and Society