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Scientology can be dangerous to participants, perceived enemies, and the larger societies in which it functions.

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Dangers and Risks of Scientology

Does Scientology kill people? What is "the Lisa Clause"? What rights do Scientologists sign away? What is the Purification Rundown? How is the Purification Rundown dangerous? What is the Introspection Rundown? How is the Introspection Rundown dangerous? What is Scientology Processing? How is Scientology Processing dangerous? Does Scientology say it's dangerous?

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March 28, 1999 Store Selling Scientology Vitamin Regimen Raises Concerns Some physicians and a former Scientologist say the treatment, called a purification rundown, is dangerous and ineffective. Two members of the state physician's board are questioning whether a health-food store with ties to Scientology is practicing medicine illegally by offering a church-sanctioned vitamin regimen. dangers of Scientology, Kirstie Alley, Press, Purification Rundown, Tom Cruise
April 11, 1994 US Drug Program Being Peddled On Reserves A drug treatment program backed by a controversial church is trying to sell Alberta Natives addiction-cure services that medical experts have warned are unsafe and ineffective. As many as 10 Alberta reserves have been approached by Narconon, a U.S.-based program associated with the Church of Scientology. The program - which costs about $18,000 U.S. and prescribes daily saunas and megavitamin doses - has been rejected by a U.S. and state board of health because it "may endanger the physical or mental well-being of (its clients)." dangers of Scientology, Narconon, Press
April 3, 1983 Have Scientology Practices Led to Suicide Tries? It is not uncommon for present or former Scientology members to try to kill themselves, according to three national experts on the controversial religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard. Boston attorney Michael J. Flynn, interviewed on national television and by national magazines about his 20 lawsuits against the church, said he knows of at least 10 documented Scientology suicides or suicide attempts nationwide. dangers of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch
April 4, 1982 Lee Recounts Sect Horrors A woman they called "Lee" recounted her 12 years in the Scientology and her emotional and physical struggle to break away from the sect. After four months in Clearwater, still finding no success with OT Level exorcisms, she was "physically and mentally in bad shape," but afraid to leave the church. What is Scientology?, dangers of Scientology, Press
March 30, 1951 Zilboorg Denounces 'Dianetics' at Forum The practice of "dianetics," a theory for the treatment of psychosomatic and other ills, was attacked as "dangerous" by Dr. Gregory Zilboorg, psychiatrist. Dr. Zilboorg declared the book was "unfair to human beings" in promising the hope of cures by persons without scientific or medical training. dangers of Scientology, New York, Press