Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of assault by Scientology

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Shiona Fox-Ness's Resignation Letter, sent after five years in the Sea Org

(3) In my experience, staff are degraded, intimidated and oppressed and are rendered robotic and manageable by fear tactics. I have witnessed the disillusionment, degradation and departure of hundreds of good, honest and highly dedicated staff members who have suffered through successive purges, experiencing cruel and inhumane treatment. These individuals have been severed from friends and families, their only crime being an expressed desire to see an end to injustice, suppressive and dictatorial behavior, and the blatant corruption of the tech and policy of Scientology. Staff are routinely handled with ruthless force, psychotic screaming, obscene shouting and absurd programs. Lies, trickery and treachery abound.

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