OT III, or Operating Thetan level 3, is the third of the eight Operating Thetan levels. It's also called "The Wall of Fire". It deals with Incident 2, Xenu (an evil galactic overlord), and H bombs exploded on Hawaii 76 million years ago. L. Ron Hubbard said that anyone who was exposed to this level casually would "freewheel" through it, become a chronic insomniac, then get sick and die.

OT III in the News

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December 23, 1988 Xemu's Cruel Response To Overpopulated World It was like something out of a science fiction script - but L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, claimed it was fact. "Xemu," he called the central character. Xemu ruled the 90-planet Galactic Confederation 75-million years ago, when overpopulation was a problem. So Xemu solved the problem: He trapped selected beings and flew them to volcanoes on Earth, then called Teegeeach. He then dropped powerful H-bombs on the volcanoes. The beings were destroyed in a wall of fire. However, their spirits, or "thetans," weren't. Gathering them into clusters, Xemu trapped the thetans in frozen alcohol and glycol. OT III, Press, Xenu