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What is Scientology?

What is Scientology? Is Scientology a religion? Is Scientology a business? Is Scientology a cult? Is Scientology a scam?

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February 18, 2007 Hubbard Love - Inside the Church of Scientology Do they really believe in aliens? Why do they venerate Hubbard to the extent that he is mythologised and his achievements (to my eyes at least) embellished? Do they accept that free speech allows me the right to mock or is mild scepticism all I am allowed? And what's behind the hatred of psychiatry? Barry Didcock tries to find out. What is Scientology?, L. Ron Hubbard
March 31, 1995 Why Kathy Won't Come Home Ten years ago, a British judge described Scientology as "immoral, socially obnoxious, corrupt, sinister, and dangerous". Two weeks ago, a jury at Lewes Crown Court acquitted a man of trying to abduct one of its members. The man said he was trying to rescue his friend, Kathleen Wilson, 23. He said she had been brainwashed and would have left if she had had any free will. The jury agreed: she had been brainwashed. The Scientologists have never suffered such a setback. What is Scientology?, disconnection, Press
April 4, 1982 Lee Recounts Sect Horrors A woman they called "Lee" recounted her 12 years in the Scientology and her emotional and physical struggle to break away from the sect. After four months in Clearwater, still finding no success with OT Level exorcisms, she was "physically and mentally in bad shape," but afraid to leave the church. What is Scientology?, dangers of Scientology, Press
March 5, 1974 A System of Engrams and Thetans Scientologists perceive their system as a form of spiritual engineering. They make radical-sounding claims about their ability to revamp the ailing human spirit and personality on what is purported to be scientifically-based procedures. What is Scientology?, Press
March 3, 1974 Expensive Trip To Spirituality The Church of Scientology of Missouri, a branch of a controversial organization promising total spiritual freedom for all followers, opened in 1969 with a six member staff at a small Brentwood office. Policy memorandums from the offices of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, have not allayed Scientology's reputation as a paramilitary society that regards itself with messianic seriousness. What is Scientology?, Press
April 20, 1970 Dear South End - Scientology A chapter of the Church of Scientology is now in the process of forming on the campus of Wayne State. These people seem quite sincere in what they are doing. They want to make the world a better place in which to live by making man better. However, their sincerity seems more like $incerity. The first of four levels cost only $650.00 and as far as I could tell each successive level costs more. What is Scientology?, Press, Scientology and Society
March 21, 1964 Have You Ever Been A Boo-Hoo? A look at Scientology at St. Hill in the 1960s: The feats Hubbard claims for his science are just as unusual. At various times Hubbard has held that Scientology "can cure some seventy percent of man's illnesses," that it is the only effective counterforce to the H-bomb threat and that it can make you immune to the common cold. He maintains that Scientology can raise a person's I.Q. one point for every hour of auditing. What is Scientology?, L. Ron Hubbard, Press, Saint Hill
March 27, 1953 Arrest Gives Pair Fine New Engrams Two Dianetics practitioners were arrested and released in Detroit. Police are deciding whether to bring charges, and what charges to bring. Six E-meters were seized. What is Scientology?, Press, raids, Scientology and Society