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October 2, 2007 Russia: U.S. Report on Rights Challenged Russian authorities have hit back at the latest U.S. report on religious freedom. The report refers to a 2004 court decision banning Jehovah's Witnesses, a Christian group, and a court decision in St. Petersburg earlier this year to close down a Scientology centre for non-compliance with inspection and auditing requirements under the new NGO law. Press, Russia
December 16, 2004 Psychiatry Center Head Criticizes Church Of Scientology The director of Russia's major psychiatry center has expressed concern over the effect Church of Scientology programs have on the mental health of the country's population. Dmitriyeva accused the religious organization's members of trying to recruit people affected by the early September terrorist attack in the North Ossetian town of Beslan. "But [Beslan] residents have put up determined resistance against the sect," she said. psychiatry, Russia
October 22, 2004 Over 20 Scientology Sect Members Forced To Leave Beslan Over 20 members of the religious scientology sect left North Ossetia on Friday. The North Ossetian law enforcement agencies told Interfax that the sectarians left the republic after receiving a warning from them that their activity in Beslan is unlawful, as they lack essential certificates and licenses. A spokesman for the North Ossetian police said, "They all were registered at the Polyot hotel and tried to influence the survivors [of the September 1-3 hostage crisis] and their relatives. In response to appeals by the North Ossetian Health Ministry, public, psychology experts, and the survivors themselves, law enforcement agencies had nothing to do but take administrative measures against them," he said. Press, Russia, Scientology and Society
October 8, 1999 Moscow Court Bans Church of Scientology A Moscow court has revoked a license from the Russian branch of the Church of Scientology following the filing of a case against the Humanitarian Hubbard Centre by a Moscow prosecutor after an investigation into alleged human rights abuses. crimes, Press, Russia
December 28, 1992 Hubbard from Pinellas to Russia The Scientologists have been busy. In October they mailed to Clearwater area homes copies of The Way to Happiness, A Common-Sense Guide to Better Living. A cover letter said the booklet "helps develop respect for family and others and friendliness in the community." Clearwater residents aren't the only folks being treated to copies of The Way to Happiness. So are the Russians. Clearwater, Press, Russia, Way to Happiness Foundation