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October 29, 2004 Subway-Tology! MTA Poster Full Of Plugs For Religion A poster being sold to mark the 100th anniversary of the subway has an underground message - and it has nothing to do with trains. The poster, which depicts a crowded Times Square subway station, contains what seems like an endless number of plugs for the controversial Church of Scientology. The poster also showcases at least half a dozen Web sites with connections to Scientology. lawsuits, Montreal, Press, Scientology and Society
December 13, 1988 Church of Scientology Must Bow To Consumer Law The Church of Scientology can't hide behind the statement that it is a religion when it faces an aggrieved consumer in court, the Quebec Consumer Protection Bureau said yesterday. A Quebec Court judge in Quebec City last week fined the church $500 for failing to reimburse Jacques Dion of Quebec City within 10 days of his demand for a refund of money he paid for personal-growth courses. crimes, Montreal
November 13, 1988 The Dark Side Of Cults "It's not our job to identify which groups are harmful," Kropveld explains. "It's not the group itself that concerns us, but the pitch used to get you to buy into them. You have to be aware of the deception, the dubious recruiting practice. Every group has a right to believe in what it wants. But the bottom line is - you have to ask yourself, does that belief withstand the scrutiny of the criminal or the civil law?" There are apparently a number that cannot. In February, The Church of Scientology, charged with fraud and false representation, agreed to pay 10 of its disgruntled members $250,000 in an out-of-court settlement. The 10 had given the church between $5,000 and $45,000 over periods of up to five years. As part of the settlement, the former members cannot talk to the press about their time with the Scientologists. Montreal, Press, Scientology and Society
November 20, 1986 Charge Dismissed For the second time, charges brought against the Church of Scientology have been struck down. The church was accused of violating Quebec's Consumer Protection Act in dealings with two prospective members. The indictments, filed by the Consumer Protection Office, alleged that the two were forced to make full payment for personality courses before the lessons began. Montreal, Press
October 29, 1986 Class Action Suit Thrown Out A $467-million class action filed by a member of the Church of Scientology against a consumer protection group and four of its employees has been thrown out by Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean Marquis. lawsuits, Montreal, Press, Scientology and Society
November 19, 1985 $12,000 Spent On Scientology Course: Suit A Montreal stockbroker who claims he was brainwashed last year by members of the Church of Scientology testified yesterday that he paid $12,000 to the sect for personality courses. Gilles Lanthier told the court that he began having doubts about the sect when he was told to abandon his wife and seek further Scientology instruction in Toronto. lawsuits, Montreal, Press