Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of invasion of privacy by Scientology

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Robert Vaughn Young describes violation of his privacy while on the RPF program

Date: 25 Sep 1997 23:08:51 GMT

I had forgotten about the mail monitoring. Mail in to me arrived opened. All mail out from me had to be sent in an UNSEALED envelope. Several times I would be hauled into an interrogation by the RPF MAA as to the something being said in a letter to me or from me. They were on the lookout for any complaint or problem. And more than once, I was told to rewrite the letter to delete the offensive language and the instance would end up showing up in one of my security checks. E.g., if I had made a harmless remark like, "It would be nice to spend a day at the beach with you," I would be asked, "On your remark that you wanted to spend a day at the beach, are you planning to leave?" That sort of paranoia runs deep in the organization. Staff face this daily.

There was one instance that would have been funny, had it not been so evil and brutal. I had given Stacy a small stuffed lion that she sometimes carried around in her purse. We named him Lionel and sometimes remarked on him, as if he was a person, as to his life and comings and goings. It was one of our few, very tiny fantasy worlds that we enjoyed. And so Lionel showed up in our mail, such as her remarking how Lionel was back from New York and he saw a Broadway show etc. One day, Stacy wrote how poor Lionel was very upset as he had forgotten the number of his Swiss bank account. I had countered with something like how this had happened to him before with his Liechtenstein account. Well, the next thing we know is that Stacy and I (separately - she was in LA and I was at the Gilman base and we didn’t piece this together for a long time) were interrogated for days about Lionel and his bank accounts. Each of us tried to say he was only a small stuffed animal but the capos didn’t buy it. Their paranoia told them we were lying and so we were grilled for days to confess. Stacy, I learned later, was shattered by the experience only because it was so harmless, such a tiny little private fantasy world that we could create and - exactly like Winston and Julia in "1984" - the organization came down on it with jackboots to shatter it, destroy it, and grind it into the dirt. Later, the was no apology or even an admission that they were wrong. The questions merely stopped one day and move on to a new subject. But it has always stuck with me as an example of how they operate, straight out of the evil cruelty of "1984."

And don’t give me a comparison of a monastery or a boot camp. Give me a comparison of a gulag and we can talk. (I saw a lot of illegal, physical brutality in the USMC and I saw men break and I saw men die but it is not in the same category as the RPF/RPF’s RPF and I know that Andre Tabayoyan - another Jungle Bunny (Marine), but one who spent one-third of his 21 Scientology years on the RPF - that he will agree.

Those who went to the RPF as a "List One RSers" had no idea what the "crime" was, only that he/she was one and they had to go spend months or years digging around their thetans/BTs to find or manufacture enough crimes to confess to so that they could be deemed "rehabilitated" and "graduate" from the RPF. (That is how it is done. If one confesses to enough self-degrading, self-damaging crimes, and you sign them, they are finally convinced and let you go.) Even then, they were forever marked as a "former List One RSer" and suspected.

...In fact, under the definition of "Rehabilitation Project Force" in their Admin Dictionary (my copy reprinted 1986), the reasons for assignment to the RPF are: (1) R/Sers (2) low OCA non-producers, (3) repeated stat crashers, (4) overt product makers.

See that? The top reason is a movement of the needle on the meter. The second is a test score. Forget 3 and 4. Those are always rigged too. If they say you have "crashed the stats," then you have crashed the stats. Etc. For this you get to lose your freedoms and family until you come around to their way of thinking.


Robert Vaughn Young

[email protected]

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