A Few Questions for Scientologists

If you get into a discussion with Scientology representatives during their revenge picket of my home (or at Scientology's offices at 83 McAllister), here are some questions you may wish to ask:

Do you support religious freedom? If so, do you condemn Scientology's attempts to deny religious freedom to those practicing Scientology outside the corporate heirarchy? (In accordance with Scientology's written policy on "squirrel groups", Scientology agents have infiltrated congregations and sued former Scientologists to deny them access to Scientology scriptures.) What have you done to protest Scientology's attacks on freedom of religion?

Is Scientology compatible with other religions? How do you reconcile Scientology's claim that Scientologists can belong to other faiths with Scientology's teaching that "There was no Christ" and that Christianity is an implant given to us by space aliens, and Scientology's statement to the IRS that Scientologists are expected to look exclusively to Scientology on spiritual matters?

Why was Scientology charged with two felonies (practicing medicine without a license and abuse and/or neglect of a disabled adult) in Lisa McPherson's death?

Why was Lisa held against her will and drugged, according to Scientology's own logs?

Why have so many people reportedly been held against their will by Scientology? (Just a few examples: Michael Pattinson, Janice Hayward, Roxanne Friend, Dee Rowe, Marianne Coenan, Dorothy Geary, Moira Hutchinson, Dennis Ehrlich, Stacy Young, Birgitta Dagnell, Hana Whitfield, Margery Wakefield, Annie Rosenblum, and Gerry Armstrong)

The book "Dianetics" promises that Dianetic processing can give people perfect memories and greatly improved health, based on extensive scientific research. Why does Scientology continue to promote the book when Scientology's never provided any scientific evidence; the scientific study done in the 50's disproved the existence of engrams; and no "Clear" has ever demonstrated having perfect memory or any of the other abilities promised in the book? Isn't that fraud?

Do you think religious freedom gives people the right to hurt other people and break the law? What do you think of Scientology's Fair Game policy, which states that an enemy of Scientology "May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."? Why does Scientology officially claim the policy was cancelled in 1968, when they argued in court - twice (in the late 70s and mid 80s) - that it was a core belief of Scientology and deserved the protection of the First Amendment?

Why does Scientology's version of founder L. Ron Hubbard's life - details about his childhood, his education, his war record, his mistreatment of his wives and his children, his convictions for fraud and extortion in France - differ so completely from the hard evidence found in his college transcripts, his military records, and court documents? Is Scientology lying about Hubbard? If so, why?

Scientology policy states that anyone who attacks Scientology is a criminal. Has Kristi Wachter committed any crimes? (If they say I have, please let me know - that would be libel.)

If Scientology's critics and law enforcement officials are right, and Scientology is breaking the law and hurting people, what will you do to change that?


For more information, see www.xenu.net, www.scientology-lies.com, or www.entheta.net. For the other side, see Scientology�s web site, www.scientology.org.

This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.