Is Scientology breaking the law?

... There's evidence that they are.

Invasion of privacy

Confession is a big part of Scientology. In Scientology, though, confessions are documented in "PC Folders", and the folders are culled for embarassing or illegal episodes that can then be used to blackmail individuals. In addition, Scientology policy punishes those who refuse invasive "security checks."

Ariane Jackson describes over 1000 hours of "sec checks" (security checks), which she paid for, and which probed her deepest secrets and even her thoughts in extremely intimate detail

Clearwater, FL

late 1994

a.r.s. Oct 27 1996

Gerry Armstrong says that Scientology hired private investigators who spied on him through his windows. He also says he was subjected to illegal videotaping and that information was culled from his confessional folders and disseminated.

Los Angeles


a.r.s. Jul 24 1997

Peter Forde recalls the Master-at-Arms warning him that folders were being culled for blackmailable information.

Saint Hill, England


undated web page

Shiona Fox-Ness ’s public letter of resignation from Scientology says that information is culled from confessional folders and that members are requested to spy on each other


early 80s

webbed letter, 1984

Annie Rosenblum’s declaration states that her luggage was searched and she was made to sign an affidavit regarding illegal or immoral activities disclosed in, and culled from, her confessional files

Clearwater FL


declaration, webbed Apr 10 1995

Margery Wakefield’s affidavit states that she was assigned to go through the confidential confessional folders of a man who had left Scientology and look for evidence of crimes and information on his sex life


Fall 1977

affidavit dated Apr 13 1990

An anonymous ex-Scientologist who spent about six months in Scientology as a teenager says he had to give a drug history in order to enroll in the Communication Course. Although he was told it was confidential, the information was revealed to his mother

Washington DC


web page, Apr 6 1995

Robert Vaughn Young describes having his mail (both incoming and outgoing) read while on the RPF



a.r.s. Sep 25 1997

"Miss X" describes two instances when confidential confessional information became office gossip



a.r.s. Sep 17 1996

Julie Richard describes working in a medical office under consultation from a Scientology management company. The management company representative asked her for access to patient files to find new Scientology recruits and asked her to obtain blank counter checks from patients for him.



web page

Jan Groenveld says her (his?) phone and home were bugged



a.r.s. Sep 23 1997

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