Dear South End - Scientology

Source: South End (Detroit)
Date: April 20, 1970

The South End is the official student newspaper of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.


If I were to tell you what I learned it would kill you, physically kill you.

I would have gone to eight levels but I didn't have the bread.

You can get ten thousand times higher than with drugs, learn all the secrets of the universe, cure all your ills, remove all the blocks that prevent you from doing what you want to do, you can have Power, you can be a GOD with Scientology.

A chapter of the Church of Scientology is now in the process of forming on the campus of Wayne State. These people seem quite sincere in what they are doing. They want to make the world a better place in which to live by making man better.

However, their sincerity seems more like $incerity.

To be a scientologist all you need is money. If you don't have any of that stuff, you can give the church your life (a two and a half year contract.) For what they offer it really isn't a bad deal. A few thousand dollars and you can be a god. Sounds pretty cheap.

But what the hell is Scientology?

About twenty years ago a man named L. Ron Hubbard wrote the book "Dianetics," which supposedly teaches total mastery of the body and is the first step twoard becoming a Scientologist. It only costs $1.30. From there you can go up eight levels with the process called "auditing."

This consists of holding a tin can in each hand. The tin cans are connected to a galvanometer, and you talk with the auditer about your problems.

The first of four levels cost only $650.00 and as far as I could tell each successive level costs more.

Over the years, Scientology has somehow acquired a rather bad reputation. Talking and listening to its adherents one finds them to be polite. They do not insist that you "believe." In fact, they don't want you to believe but rather to know.

Prove it to yourself by trying out Scientology. They even offer a money back guarantee. I wonder if anyone ever has gotten their money back. But they won't tell you what you want to know until they have your money.

Assuming that Scientology does work, why is there a price for their natural birth-right of mankind? 1 was told that this "knowledge" is so priceless that one should be willing to spend as much as possible to obtain it.

If this knowledge is so vital, why isn't it available for free in the public schools.

Lots of rumors are going around about Scientology. But unless they concern people losing their life savings, I consider them to be nothing but rumors. Scientology itself may be only a rumor;. except you can meet scientologists.

As I understand it, all human beings blink. Have you ever seen a Scientologist blink?