Rolling Stone: Inside Scientology

Source: Rolling Stone
Date: February 23, 2006

Rolling Stone's "Inside Scientology: Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion", discusses auditing, Scientology's secrets, and disconnection. Journalist Janet Reitman writes:

In June of last year, I set out to discover Scientology, an undertaking that would take nearly nine months. A closed faith that has often been hostile to journalistic inquiry, the church initially offered no help on this story; most of my research was done without its assistance and involved dozens of interviews with both current and former Scientologists, as well as academic researchers who have studied the group. Ultimately, however, the church decided to cooperate and gave me unprecedented access to its officials, social programs and key religious headquarters. What I found was a faith that is at once mainstream and marginal -- a religious community known for its Hollywood members but run by a uniformed sect of believers who rarely, if ever, appear in the public eye. It is an insular society -- one that exists, to a large degree, as something of a parallel universe to the secular world, with its own nomenclature and ethical code, and, most daunting to those who break its rules, its own rigorously enforced justice system.

The article covers life in Scientology and the controversies surrounding the organization with a balance, a compassion, and an understanding rarely matched in the press. Reitman covers the Sea Org, the security check, Scientology's aversion to psychiatry, Scientology jargon, and much more.